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Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

Really H-O-T!

Yesterday T-bonz and I went to Longmont to hit the Ghost Pepper Wing Challenge at Oskar Blues Home Made Liquids & Solids.

I'll have the full story, more pics, and video soon, but I will say that these wings were the hottest things I have ever eaten. Serrano, habanero, jalapeno, scotch bonnet, and the dreaded ghost pepper. Had 10 minutes to down 2 pounds of wings, a pint of beer, and the carrots/celery/blue cheese crumbles. I finished in just under 8 minutes. Seriously hot.

More later.


3rd Recovery Day

The 3rd recovery day, just as Day 1 and Day 2, went well. This morning's weigh in: 146.8 pounds. So each weigh in: 154.4 then 147.8 then 146.8! That third number surprised me a bit, but it's all good.

For the third day I kept the calories consumed pretty low again. Nice!

1. Bowl of bran flakes w/ skim milk - 350 calories
2. 80 ounces of water - 0 calories
3. Clif Bar Mojo - 220 calories
4. Lunch: Lean Pocket - 290 calories
5. 5 fudge striped cookies - 250 calories
6. 32 ounces of Gatorade G2 - 80 calories
7. A 33g serving of Veggie Straws - 150 calories
8. Medium orange (seedless!) - 80 calories
9. 2 servings of beef jerky - 160 calories
Calorie total: 1580

15 minutes on elliptical w/ arms
Weights - overall body emphasis on reps over weight
10 minutes on elliptical w/ arms


Recovery Day #2

My 2nd recovery day, just as Day 1, went well. I kept the calories consumed pretty low again. Nice!

1. Bowl of apple-cinnamon toasted oats + a bit of granola w/ skim milk - 410 calories
2. 80 ounces of water - 0 calories
3. Mango yogurt - 180 calories
4. Medium banana - 110 calories
5. 5 fudge striped cookies - 250 calories
5. 32 ounces of water w/ sugar-free Hawaiian punch mix - 10 calories
6. A 28g serving of Veggie Straws - 130 calories
7. Medium orange (seedless!) - 80 calories
8. Turkey, lowfat cheese on a tortilla (60 + 50 + 180) - 290 calories
Calorie total: 1460

On Day 1 I weighed in at 154.4lbs. Day 2, 147.8! I expect that to go up a bit and settle around 149.0 but we shall see.


2nd Recovery Day

I am now on my 2nd day of recovery following the Subway eating contest and the TdB meat fest. Yesterday at the morning weigh in the scale read 154.4lbs. This morning: 147.8lbs. I thought that number this morning would be a little above 150 mainly because meat is normally for me slower to digest and process through. And I only dropped a deuce once. And it wasn't that good. Also, 147.8 is below my normal maintenance weight of 149.

I am going to be in recovery mode for a few more days. I anticipate the next couple of morning weigh ins to be closer to 149 or so.

Recovery Day 1 in Review

My 1st recovery day after the punishing day of eating contest/TdB went well. Calories consumed were pretty low, and the workout felt wonderful.

1. Bowl of apple-cinnamon toasted oats w/ skim milk - 390 calories
2. 80 ounces of water - 0 calories
3. Key lime yogurt - 160 calories
4. Medium banana - 110 calories
5. 32 ounces of water w/ sugar-free Hawaiian punch mix - 10 calories
6. Protein shake (scoop of powder, 1.5 cup skim milk, medium banana, vanilla yogurt) - 130, 135, 110, 150 = 525 calories
Calorie total: 1195

30 minutes on elliptical w/ arms
Weights - overall body emphasis on reps over weight
5 minutes on elliptical w/ arms



Me and the Octomom have something in common.

Yesterday I had the Subway eating contest that ended a little after 2pm. Then in the evening T-bonz and I met up with Mommye and Guaps at Texas de Brazil for some meat. So last night I was rather bloated. And meat seems to linger longer in my stomach - more so than other foods - so to some degree I am still not all back. I know I won't feel all there until I get in a workout this evening.

I weighed in this morning at 154.4lbs. Today I am shooting for around 150 at the weigh in tomorrow. Under 150 at the weigh in on Wednesday.

You can follow what goes down on Twitter (www.twitter.com/iamskinnyboy) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/hereisyomama).

$5 Footlongs

That's what we were eating at the grand opening festivities at the Subway in Lowry Town Center in Denver.

Only 3 of us showed up to eat in the contest. I don't quite understand why nobody shows up. If nothing else it'd be a free lunch and good times. The event got a mention in the paper a few days ago, they promoted it for a week at the store, and the guy put it on craigslist. Other people had their chance to be there.

But someone had to win. We had 10 minutes to eat all the identically prepared footlongs: turkey, white bread, tomato, lettuce, pickles. They were fresh too. And good. I got 3 down, one of the twins downed 1.5, and the other one finished 1.

My 15th eating contest win.


IKEA Update

Here are a few photos from my stop at the IKEA construction site in Centennial.

Looking north from southeast corner of the site

From southeast corner

From southeast

From southeast

Looking north from the southeast corner

The foreman trailers are just to the left. This is from the north boundary of the site. The entire site is surrounded by a sturdy chain link fence which is enshrouded with this green covering. The entire east boundary is not fenced - well, the east side butts up to I-25 and light rail.

Lots of digging

From west


This pile of snow is from the couple of inches of snow that fell May 11th

From west

From west

As you can see there is not too much going on. Nothing really sexy yet. There are survey markers up and some digging happening at a couple of places. The site is only 13.5 acres. IKEAs are H-U-G-E so there's no way there can be a building and a big parking area like at the IKEA in Phoenix, so the I think that the IKEA here will have to be like in Minneapolis where the parking is below the store. And maybe that's the big hole they are digging.

But who knows. We'll see.

My Zit Updated

There is a photo from this morning of the big zit. It's good to be 14 again, I guess.

Anyway, zoom in to check it out. You can't see it really well, but this thing is red on the outer edges and nice and white in the middle. It'd be a nice one to pop. Juicy! Pussy. That's PUH-SSY.

This is day 4.


The Zit

Here's a photo of my big zit.

Digging the Smash

If you have not eaten at Smashburger, go there now. Today I had the Spicy Baja:

Spicy Baja: Pepper jack cheese, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, red onion, chipotle mayo and fresh jalapeno slices on a chipotle bun.

And they have a new menu item: fried green chiles.

They are really good. Cut thin. Lightly battered. Not greasy or oily at all. Killer. The tub of spicy chipotle sauce is not needed at all. In fact I think dipping the chiles in the sauce takes away the chile flavor. Again, killer.

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Battling the B3

Here is video of me in my attempt at the B3 Burrito at the Nascar Cafe in the Sahara Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas:



Jalapeno eating contest at a local Mexican restaurant Jose O'Shea's. And the winner is:

Jimmy Mares with the cash and the hardware

The jalapenos were plumper than I expected. More meaty, too.

All of them seemed pretty consistent in size. Maybe 4" or 5" long, and a little over 1" diameter.

Listening to some rules that they didn't follow

Jimmy Mares shows up at the last minute.

During our heat.

Part of my cheering section that T-bonz recruited. They were quite loud. Thanks, guys!

I guess Jimmy has given up on the whole WLOCE thing after almost a year. Has Jimmy finally seen it for what it is? Or rather, what it never was. Later, Dale Boone.

But back to the contest. Each heat was 3 minutes. Jalapenos were fresh & plump. Contest rules stated eaters could drink during the eating. Anything left in your mouth would not be counted (how would that work??). There would be two heats of 4 or 5 people in each. In the first heat the top eater had 7.

I was in the 2nd heat. At the last moment, Mr. Mares shows up. So we begin our heat. At 2:30, I clear so my mouth is empty at the end. 7 down. Jimmy stuffs until the stop time. And the judges allow it. He gets 10 down. And then I think those 10 came back up moments later. Lame I say!

Even if I had won [I tied for 2nd], I no doubt would say it was very poorly run, judged, and executed. Next year, Jose O'Shea's, hold it outside. The location, in the bar, sucked. And cut off sign ups before the contest begins. Oh, and enforce your rules.

IKEA Groundbreaking

Even though I got just one picture from the groundbreaking at the Centennial IKEA today everything is moving along nicely with the construction.

I arrived at the groundbreaking as it was beginning. Guest of Cathy Noon. Mayor of Centennial. Well, sort of. But I expected good lunch or maybe some cool IKEA schwag.

None of either.

I stuck around for about 30 minutes of the speeches. Blah blah blah. Just open the store already!

I guess the groundbreaking wasn't a big deal to me because the construction has already begun. Grading of the site, even some excavation.