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Had to go back: A & W

Look at these delectables:

A & W's Original Deluxe Bacon Double Cheeseburgers. It's kind of interesting that two people each constructed one and the first dude went patty-cheese-patty-cheese, bacon and then toppings while the other dude broke out toppings then cheese-patty-cheese-patty and finally bacon. I had them leave off the (..shudder..) mayo. I was going to also leave off the cheese but sampling from the menu means cheese on the cheeseburger.

And as with the others, I combined one onto the other.

I did add the ketchup.

This quad was totally not something that could be put down once you started. Things would have fallen off for sure with all the lubrication.

Here is the burger blanket after I was finished...

The A & W burger had that fast-foody taste. And after-effects. Unlike the BK burgers that are, disturbingly, almost good. The Angus burger from Burger King was almost top-notch. BK knows their anus.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anus? Did you mean Angus? Also, why all the hate for Mayo? Would you not compete in a CE event that had may involved?

Blogger A-Bomb said...

Why the hate for mayo?!? Jake, I think it is f*cking disgusting and the worst food thing that man has ever invented. It is totally empty calories, and 100% fat. It serves no purpose that anyone needs. Mayo is abhorrent. You gotta love Oleg for his IFOCE mayo record, but yuck.

Blogger Dave S. said...

Mayo rules. I used to dip my Doritos in Hellmanns straight outta the jar. Sooooo good.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Real men eat mayo.

Blogger SupersizedMeals.com said...

Yeah, I'm a big fan of Mayo.... although it's gotta be the unhealthiest condiment ever invented. Pure fat, but pure tastiness!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need to try the cheese curds at a and w. They are the best.

-pat bertoletti


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