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World's Biggest

The Carriage House Family Restaurant in Springfield claims to serve the World's Biggest Omelet. Do you spell it Omelet or Omelette? Either way it is big. Made with 15 eggs, veggies, ham, sausage, bacon and cheese. Plus lots of hash browns. And 4 pieces of buttered toast. It's big. The eating challenge is eat it in 30 minutes and it's free.

I'll try it!

I'm thinking it's going to be one huge ass omelet with the hash browns around it. Think spread out. But the omelet arrives and it's more a high pile of omelet and potatoes. The omelet is not one big omelet, but rather 5 3-egg omelets piled one on top of another. Sided by one big pile of potatoes and a plate of 4 buttered white bread pieces of toast. It is served on a 15-inch round pizza tray.

I decide to just have at it. I dig in. It is HOT! Steaming HOT! And the omelets are kind of slimy. Maybe from the oil? Despite being really hot and really oily, the omelet is really good at this point.

I make use of ketchup to cool the heat and drown out the oil taste.

At the beginning and for 10 or 15 minutes I am flying through the omelet and putting down some of the potatoes. At 15 minutes, I am only about halfway done. Then the dairy and eggs and oil starts to get to me. For the next few minutes I am taking smaller bites and the mouth starts to fill up and not clear out between food insertions. Not a good feeling.

I keep that up for a few minutes, and then throw in the towel since it is obvious I am not going to finish it. That was at the 27 minute point.

In hindsight, I think I should have separated the 5 omelets and eaten each one at a time. Doing that would have made it less of a big pile of food, and just one little omelet and then another and another and another and another. But who knows.

I don't know if the Carriage House indeed has the world's biggest omelet, but it is big, that's for sure.

After I had finished eating on the omelet, I tagged my nephew and he took his shot at it:

Thanks to T-bonz and the family for indulging me and being some terrific athletic supporters!

A full gallery of pictures is here.



Anonymous Mega Munch said...

What the F, dude!! You've got like a hundred awesome eating challenges in the Denver area. That's it, I'm moving there.

I've always wanted to do a giant OMELETTE challenge. I've had dreams of cooking up a dozen egg omelette at home, loading it with all sorts of goodies, and seeing what I could do.

One time, in high school when I worked at a grocery store, I bought a dozen eggs and then came home and ate them scrambled for dinner. It was easy, because it was just the eggs, but I remember feeling pretty sick after that because of all the cholesterol.


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