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Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

Hello Everyone!

I do not know where we were going with this, but above this you see a lineup of the people who are coming to Las Vega$ to lend their support to me as I take on the heavyweights of the IFOCE in the Big Daddy Burger Contest. Read all about it on the IFOCE site. When the contest is over I will post a full report with photos and possibly video.

This contest will be my fourth IFOCE competition. The previous three were GoldenPalace.com Grilled Cheese Eating Contests - Denver, Albuquerque and Raleigh. I am very excited to have this opportunity to compete against the eaters I've been following in some cases for two and a half years. Sonya, Bob, Rich and Badlands Booker to name a few. Carlene Lefevre will be there watching Rich -- if I can meet her that will be quite a thrill as I am a very big fan!

I will try to put up some stuff before leaving for Las Vega$. If I do not get the chance to do so I will have a lot to share when I return. Hasta.


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