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Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

Want a Clean Bike?

Watch this...


Week #2

2nd week of the training plan for the Lavaman.

T: 5.03mi run
W: 1.05mi swim
Th: 4.91mi run
Su: 3.1mi run - Jingle Bell Run

For the Lavaman plan Fridays each week are off days. This week, the weather really hasn't cooperated that much. Rainy. Windy. Not ideal for biking.

Totals so far:
Swim - 2.00 miles
Bike - 46.23 miles
Run - 21.85 miles

Week #1

The training has begun! I am doing Lavaman, an Olympic-distance triathlon, in April and also Ironman Hawaii (called Honu), a 70.3 half-Ironman, in June. I will be following an Olympic-distance training plan for 8 weeks, then following a 70.3 training plan for 16 weeks.

Lavaman is .9 mile swim, 25 mile bike, and 6.2 mile run.
Honu is 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.2 mile run.

This week was week #1 of the Lavaman plan.

M: 3.40mi run
T: .95mi swim
W: 17.07mi bike
Th: 5.41mi run
Su: 29.16mi bike

Totals so far:
Swim - .95 miles
Bike - 46.23 miles
Run - 8.81 miles

Bike News

I got new tires for the bike. Specialized Armadillo. Great tires, super puncture protection. They might be a bit heavy to use in racing, but I love them so yeah. They went into service on 3/4. We will see how the miles go.

Me run?!?

11/16 .. 5K .. 45:51

Lavaman Waikoloa

Last month before the triathlon. Here is the total of each part..broken down by week..

Week -4:
Swim: 2840m
Bike: 44.95 miles
Run: 6.47 miles

Week -3:
Swim: 3080m
Bike: 66.99 miles
Run: 16.32 miles

Week -2:
Swim: 5540m
Bike: 56.16 miles
Run: 14.52 miles

Week -1: [RACE WEEK]
Swim: 2980m
Bike: 62.14 miles
Run: 7.6 miles

The Ultimate

As you all know, I work at Ultimate Burger in Kona. I have worked there since the end of October 2012.

Before or after a shift we can eat a burger for free. I do not eat one every shift, but just maybe 60% or 70% of the time.

Today I ate my 300th burger there. And it was so good! I count any time I eat a burger - free or non-shift days when I have paid for the burger. Mind you I have only paid for 3 or 4 burgers, so 296 or 297 of the 300 burgers I have eaten at UB have been free. FREE!




Great swim (finned). Then wogged. The run felt shitty. Took FOREVER to warm up. And the time reflects that. And it also reflects more real world run on a street instead of on grass like before...

30 minutes: 1.80 miles

60 minutes: 4.32 miles (2.52 miles in this 30 minutes)


Old & New

Today I wogged for 30 minutes, and then 30 more minutes to make the hour metric.

30 minutes: 2.28 miles

60 minutes: 4.76 miles (2.48 miles in this 30 minutes)


The New Metric

I am going to see how this goes: my new metric for running... go for 30 minutes. And see how far in that span. Running, walking, warm up, whatever, just go for 30 minutes and see.

Today I rode 25 miles, and then did the 30 minutes.

2.23 miles. Run felt not too good, but let's see how it goes...


Training Begins

Warm up mile..wog..10:58

 2 mile.. 1st 9:54..2nd.. 10:12

after a few minutes.. 1/2 mile.. 5:02

Brat Eating Contest!

Humpy's in Kona had an Oktoberfest Party. And like last year there was a brat eating contest. And like last year I won! And like last year there was no real competition at the contest.

Here is a photo of the eaters at the table. 7 of us. There was one guy who could have been a threat. And a girl who manned up.

Winner: First one to eat 8 of the brats. At the beginning the deal was brats and buns. Buns were huge and dry. After maybe a few minutes of watching us struggle the organizers realized nobody would finish and they relented on that. Just eat the meat.

Training for triathlons and training for eating contests do not go together! Training for triathlons and being in eating contests do go together.

Anyway, I did pull away. When I finished my eight, a guy and a girl kept eating even though there was only the first place prize. It was close, 4, 5, 6, 7. They both put in their last bite of #8 at the same time. Chew chew chew. The guy grabbed his water, she didn't. He barely edged her out. Humpy's, liking the heart in them, gave them both gift cards.

Right now there are not many eating events here but maybe that will change...


Finally! I try the Cantina Steak Burrito at Taco Bell. It's about time!

Starting with the weight, 15.2 ounces. Pretty good heft for an item from Taco Bell.

Looks good!

The first bite is really good. Nice warm tortilla, bit of rice, black beans, and the steak. Actually it reminds me of Qdoba or Chipotle. From Taco Bell! The "creamy cilantro dressing" is not big hit with me. Tastes like runny guacamole or something. Next time, hold that please.

This is about half way through. Still tastes good. The lettuce is really crisp.

Last few bites. There was good guacamole coverage throughout the consumption of the burrito but as you can see toward the bottom there is a big dollop of guacamole.

Overall, it was pretty good! As we don't have Qdoba or Chipotle here this, surprisingly, is a worthy substitute. It costs $6.89 here, but that's to be expected. If Qdoba or Chipotle ever open here there cost would probably be about $9 so this item being $6.89 is fair.

I thought paying over $5.00 for a Taco Bell item was crazy nutz, but for this Cantina Steak Burrito it's not so crazy.

Do This

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Finally the brick and mortar retailers figured out that opening before Friday is the way to go. I mean why only have a one day sale on Black Friday? Open up on Thursday! It is just another day!

But again, just get out there or get online! Either way will pay off big time! Whether it is for Christmas gifts, or something else, get out and pound the pavement or pound your keyboard and take advantage of the awesome offers that are out there!


That's the storefront for Patricio's. It's a newly-opened taqueria in the Kona Coast Shopping Center. You know how we love Mexican food, and how we are searching for authentic Mexican food in Kona. This is the best yet, no doubt!

The menu is up on the wall above the registers, like Chipotle or Qdoba. It's a bit hard to read being that far away. Patricio's has holdable menus up front at the registers - but maybe put them by the doors for customers to grab on their way in.

The place just opened on the 8th. They had a primo placing of an article in the local paper last week. So many people are checking them out. And they won't be disappointed at all! When we stopped in, the place was packed.

Now the food we ate!

Chile Verde Taco Plate. The chile verde - AMAZING! Authentic? Soft corn tortilla tacos. That would be a YES! The refried beans - one of my make-or-breaks ... WOW!

Carne Asada Torta. Meat, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and (hold the) mayo on crusty bread. Absolutely delicious! It's good for sure, but I like tortas on grilled telera rolls. The bread here reminded me of a sliced ciabatta roll. But the marinating of the steak made up for the unexpected bread.

Here's a POV shot of the torta. See the salsa in the background? They offer a salsa bar with 6 salsas. The pico de gallo is the bomb!

Al Pastor Taco. It was missing the chunks of pineapple, but the sauce on the pork was muy delicioso!

I think that Patricio's has to either have a well-publicized eating contest to telegraph their opening to all of Kona and to the Big Island as a whole. Everyone has got to eat here. Get the word out! What better way! Taco eating contest!

Or - make that AND - they need some kind of challenge item on the menu. Maybe a big burrito, or something. Eat it and it's free. Humpy's has the Big Kahuna Luau Feast. Patricio's needs to have the El Jefe Burrito. Four pounds of pork, carne, and chicken. Or something.

Get a hold of me on Facebook guys, we'll get it going!

Patricio's offers a Kama'aina Card. Punch card. Buy 10, get 1 free! Repeat business - always a super idea!

But even without the card, people would eat here again and again! The food we had was AWESOME! Kona needed this place! We can;t wait to go back!

Humpy's Brat Eating Contest

The brats. Nine to a plate. Brats were neither hot nor cold.

There were just 3 of us eating. The dude to my right ate two, and he was done. The guy to my left was pretty drunk. He'd stuff four or five in his mouth and then spit them out in the trash.

1st - me, 10 2nd - Lonny Mark, 4 3rd - Jason Swick, 2

Ultimate Burgers!

Here are some photos from the qualifying for the Ultimate Burger eating contest in Kailua Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii...

This is what is up:

The contest was an All Pro Eating event I guess...

After a while, heat #1 was going to go...

The winner of the heat, and of the qualifier, is the guy 2nd from the left...

Here are the burgers. They were big. But so good. Only the big buttered buns and meats. The patties were cooked a perfect medium rare. 1/2 pound? 1/3 pound?

Tradition after all contests or challenges...

There was another heat in which the guys in 2nd qualified. Of the 8 who attempted to eat the 5 burgers, only 4 people did:

Bennie Ningeok-Ross 7:31
Mitch Milner 8:04
Andrew Lane 12:19
Dylan Springmeir 17:48

The finals are in October. Between now and then, on Wednesdays, people can attempt to qualify for the finals by coming in UB.

Now That's a Job!

On the Hawaii Craigslist, this title for a job posting:

Cut grass clean yard or take dump - (all of hilo) general labor

And #2....

My 2nd event went down yesterday. 3/4 mile swim followed by 3.9 mile run.

My swim start was delayed a couple of minutes because of an equipment malfunction right before the countdown to begin. The strap to my goggles came out. So when the countdown started I had to thread that strap back on. That's always tough but knowing I had to start later sucked.

But I got the strap in, and away I went. The turn around buoy had to be like 8 miles out! It took forever to get there! And forever to get back! The swim took me 42 minutes and change. One pro dude would finish his swim AND run when I was transitioning.

The transition took a few minutes, and I was off on the run. I had taken in a bit too much salty/gassy water on the swim so I got a side stitch right away. After a combination of jogging and walking - though less walking than in my previous event - I finished the run in about 35 minutes.

So there it is. I am happy because I trained more than last time, and it showed. Slow sure. But it all felt better than before. Even with that swim that would not end!

Here's a link to the results.

Simple Equation

Tommye figured this one out:


Plus This


Next Up...

The next event for me is in a week... 3/4 mile swim followed by a 3.9 mile run.

Should be better than the last event because I am actually preparing a bit by swimming some and running some. No, the runs aren't that long but anything is better than last time when I couldn't (or didn't) do too much leading up to the 1/3 mile swim and 3.1 mile run.

So we will see how it goes!

1st Event

There's a first time for everyone, and mine was Sunday.

Brown Bear Bash. In the Peaman series of races. 1/3 mile ocean swim followed by a 3.1 mile run.

Making the walk over to Kailua Pier. Gorgeous sunny morning!

Getting ready to hop in the water.

Here goes!

I made it. Swim in 20 minutes or so. I forgot to start my watch.

Getting on the shoes for the run. T-bonz had watched others stand on their towels to dry their feet. I wouldn't have done that. Good tip, coach.

That's me in the black long-sleeved. I totally missed seeing T-bonz on my sprint to the finish. I just wanted to finish the run.


Getting signed out.

Here's the turnaround at the mid-point on the run. It took forever to hit the turnaround!

I definitely learned how not to train for an event. With the move and all, I only got in two short jogs in the week before. Yeah that will not work. And the ocean swim is so very different than swimming in a pool. In the ocean there are no walls after 25 meters. No resting. No pushing off the wall. So this first one showed what to improve on: open water swims, transitions, running, training. Everything.

Link to the results in the local paper, West Hawaii Today.

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My First Time

Everyone remembers their first time. I hope mine is good too!

My first event of this kind is on Sunday! Only a 1/3 mile swim in the ocean followed by a 3.1 mile run.

Sounds easy enough, yes, but it will be my first time going back-to-back that way. Woohoo!

2 Days


3 Days

"It is Tuesday"
"Nah. It is Threesday"