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Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

Ay Caramba!

The jalapeno eating contest at the 15th Annual Chile & Frijoles Festival is over. And my GI tract is back to normal.

Entering: the belly of the beast. There were 12 competitors. 3 gringos. 3 latinas. 6 latinos. Each of us were introduced and took our seats at the table. In front of each of us is a bottle of water and a bowl of 10 whole canned jalapenos. We'd get additional bowls of 10 as we neared completion of the current bowl.

The format of the contest was awesome. I thought it'd be a ten minute contest. It was, but in two five minute periods separated by a two minute break. So eat 5 minutes, break for 2 minutes, then eat for 5 more minutes. The break kicked my ass, but it's a great idea.

The eating began. I'm really pleased how it went seeing as I ate my first whole canned jalapeno two weeks ago. I got on a good pace, and kept it. I had the defending champ to my left. He downed a little over 20 or so in that 5 minutes. Dave Tafoya and I were leading at the break. I do not know his total, but I did 37. Then we hit the break. We could drink water, stand up, and maybe think about what we're doing. I didn't know about or plan for the break, and it showed. My 37 in the 1st five minutes was paired with my 15 in the 2nd five minutes. Wow, but now I know what to prepare for next year.

In the end, I was the only gringo who finished the 2 periods of eating. And 3 of the others dropped out too - only 7 of 12 finished. Maria Gallegos was 3rd with 20. I was 2nd with 52. And Dave won with 62.

A few minutes after the announcement of the results, I started to feel really bad. The jalapenos had to exit. I did not abort, but I didn't stop the boot. It felt good to lose some of the jalapenos. Then I booted again. After this 2nd time, I felt like there was ball of jalapenos halfway up my throat. After feeling really really bad and even thinking about an E/R visit, another boot. I wish I had video of me in process, that'd be awesome! And it felt incredible. At this point I think I might have emptied most of the jalapenos because I felt like I did before the contest. Let's play two!

Had some vanilla pudding and banana Indian fry bread, then high-tailed it back to Denver. Next year, look out guys!

Some results:
1st - Dave Tafoya 62
2nd - Me 52
3rd - Maria Gallegos 20 *
* she was awarded 3rd as winner of appearance/acting judges choice. The defending champ Larry Romero had 40.

You can view a gallery of all the photos here. I have more results and videos that will be posted soon.

Mas Jalapenos

Here is the final video of me preparing for the jalapeno eating contest. I eat through a can of La Costena canned jalapenos - 11 in about a minute. I'm going into the contest with a pace in mind. I'm probably going to use a two bite per jalapeno - bite at the middle, then a bite by the stem.


Here is a video of me eating a can of jalapenos. In this can of 10 chee-lays there are some normal sized, and some big boys. The jalapeno eating contest is in a couple days. It is 10 minutes long, so I am going in thinking set a pace, do not go balls out.

HD minus the B

The hot dog eating contest last weekend in Frederick was just that - hot dogs. No bun. Just the dog.

Usually going in to a contest I know some details like how long of a duration, what the food is, some idea of the rules, something. But about this one I knew nothing. And I didn't know what the prizes were. 1st place, among other things, won a sweet glass mug with "Hot Dog Contest" "Winner" "2009" engraved. That would have been nice - you know I'm all about hardware. The cash, t-shirts, are OK but the hardware is where it's at.

There were 10 competitors. 8 guys, 2 girls. The defending champ was in the mix, and a couple of guys who did it last year. Each of us got 10 dogs in our trays to start. And our own judge/hot dog refiller. You'd get two dogs at a time as needed. On GO and for the duration of the contest I was on an even pace of 5 dogs per minute. I thought 15 would get it done. It didn't. The guy next to me won with 18. My 15 was goof for 2nd. And one of the girls took 3rd with 14.

She was 3rd.

1st and 2nd.

I must say I didn't pay much attention to the guy next to me. The sun was so very bright so I was eyes closed. If I had I could have quickened my pace. And if I had known about the hardware that 1st would take maybe that would have made me pick it up.

At the end, I shoved one more in. There was a strict 30 second period to clear the mouth, and at the end of that time I still had another swallow in my mouth but I sort of covered that up.

Hot dog juice

No buns was weird. But it was good because there was no possibility of dunking. Dunking is gross and wrong. Krystal knows that. Maybe Nathan's will too.

The results from the hot dog eating contest:
18 Steve Chala
15 me
14 Abbie Rose
14 Nathan Lucero
13.5 Scott
13 Tim Aker
10 Mayor
10 Paul Skower
7 Jerry
7 Brian Mastiler
5.5 Jennifer Lees

There are two videos:
Contest rules being explained
Entire contest

The hot dog juice stains did not come out in the wash.

Hot Dog Contest

Tomorrow I will post pictures and video from the hot dog eating contest this past Sunday.

Checking In

Here's how things are going on the schedule of contests - as of late August - in September that I'd be doing:

Wings : postponed
Hot dogs : 1st
Ice cream : didn't do it - too headachy!
Hot dogs : 1st
Hot dogs : 2nd
Brats : canceled due to rain & snow
Jalapeno :
Corn dogs :
Jalapenos :

These Canned Jalapenos...

...Are making me thirsty. In the blurry picture above you can sort of make out the Double Choco Nesquik, the can of La Costena canned jalapenos, and the plate. But, where am I? I think I was on the can. The canned jalapenos that I've eaten the past couple of times have produced very explosive - but very satisfactory - results.

I had these for the 1st time ever on Sunday. At about 6pm I ate 7. Nothing explosive until Monday morning at 8 or 9. Didn't eat any on Monday. But Tuesday I ate 7 at 6pm. I felt the colon rollin' at midnight. Wednesday night I ate the 5 remaining. Not even an hour later things exited. Wow.

I'm experimenting to find the optimum method to please my colon. I've tried food then jalapenos. And jalapenos then food. So next I'll only have the jalapenos.


Canned jalapenos are next.

Title Defended!

Fort Lupton has an annual town celebration to mark the anniversary of the town's founding. Last year I went and won the hot dog eating contest and I was third in the hands-free pie eating contest. I went back this year:

My starting weight.

A pre-Fall cold front swept in the day before. Temperature in the mid 50s and drizzly. Let's eat some hot dogs!

This is a picture of the 10 - 15 year old field.

The 15-and-up contest got started after the 10-15 year olds had their contest. It was chilly but dry as the 4 of us got set to go. We each had 10 hot dogs in the tray in front of us. It was to be a 5-minute race. Originally it was to be 10 minutes, but the organizers wanted to move things along what with the weather. I went in thinking I would bite-swig HDB #1, and then begin to dunk the entire HDB on 2+ if I needed to do so. I didn't need to do so as I was not pressed from the outset. Bear talked a mean game but managed to do 2. Larry, 3. Ramon finished with 4. I put down 10. I simply maintained a nice pace throughout the contest. Bite-swig the whole time. I could have slowed and finished with 5 to eek out the title defense, but I decided to stay at the pace I was on and treat it like practice for next weekend.

Next up: the pie eating.

The 7 to 10 group raced to eat one piece of cherry pie.

As last year, each of us in our 15 and over group had an entire creme pie in front of us. 5 minute time frame. Also as last year, I got hosed with a coconut creme pie. Unlike last year, the pies were sort of frozen. Well not thawed well. Ten people in our group. Last year I pulled 3rd place. This year, 2nd place. The girl who won had a chocolate creme pie. Probably because of the state of the pies the 5-minute time ran out before anyone finished their pie so the judges determined the places. I'll take 2nd. Anything to stop it.

So 1st in hot dogs and 2nd in pie. Not too bad.

Here is my weight after pulling the double.



I noted to myself that for this month or so series of contests I would post what I do to prepare. I forgot to do so for the past 10 days, but I will do so from here on out.

In the beginning of the month there was to be a wing contest. I got 24 wings from the place, and ate them mainly to refresh on the technique to use. After brushing up on the technique the contest was postponed. It's now tentatively set for October.

Next up was the three-minute hot dog eating contest sponsored by Steve's Snappin' Dogs at the Taste of Colorado. Again for getting the technique (eaten without separating and without dunking) I ate a package of eight hot dogs & eight buns. I ended up eating 6 hot dogs & buns in the contest and ate a couple more after time expired.

I ate another package of eight in preparation for the hot dog eating contest coming up.

Early prep: I've eaten a handful of canned jalapenos for a contest later in the month. I have not eaten jalapenos in a contest before so this prep and contest should be something.

So far, for those counting: 24 chicken wings, 24 hot dogs and buns, and 5 jalapenos.


Hot Dog Contest Video!

Hot Dog Contest Video!

Here is a link to video of the Chow Down for Charity hot dog eating contest at Steve's Snappin' Dogs. Jimmy Mares tied the 8-minute record with 13 hot dogs. No separating, no dunking. The finals were back at the end of July but I had not found this link until now. View the video here: http://vimeo.com/5805180

Results from Steve's

Here are the results from the hot dog eating contest sponsored by Steve's Snappin' Dogs at the Taste of Colorado:

Results for the six competitors

1st: Andrew "A-Bomb" Lane - 6
2nd: Rob Bolinske - 4.5
3rd: Dan Folsom - 4.25
4th Jimmy Stretz - 4
5th: Megan Roybal - 2
6th: Marie Carlsberg - 1

Hot Dog Eating Contest

Steve's Snappin' Dogs sponsored a hot dog eating contest at the Taste of Colorado. Jimmy Mares did not show - intimidated? - but I did, and so did 3 other guys and two women.

It was a quick 3 minute contest. As always, these hot dogs are the best. Thumann's. They put Nathan's to shame. Thumann's are bigger, taste better, snap louder, and are just really good.

Here is a link to the video. I do my Sonya-hands at the end. I forgot to do them when introduced.

This is a photo of my right index finger and the blood from chomping it. Zoom in on the photo.

Here's a big chair.