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These Canned Jalapenos...

...Are making me thirsty. In the blurry picture above you can sort of make out the Double Choco Nesquik, the can of La Costena canned jalapenos, and the plate. But, where am I? I think I was on the can. The canned jalapenos that I've eaten the past couple of times have produced very explosive - but very satisfactory - results.

I had these for the 1st time ever on Sunday. At about 6pm I ate 7. Nothing explosive until Monday morning at 8 or 9. Didn't eat any on Monday. But Tuesday I ate 7 at 6pm. I felt the colon rollin' at midnight. Wednesday night I ate the 5 remaining. Not even an hour later things exited. Wow.

I'm experimenting to find the optimum method to please my colon. I've tried food then jalapenos. And jalapenos then food. So next I'll only have the jalapenos.


Anonymous erb said...

I bought a can of those same jalapeƱos almost two years ago....still haven't tried them. Sometimes I had chili powder to my water, it increases my transit time from hours to just minutes. Wonderful!


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