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Title Defended!

Fort Lupton has an annual town celebration to mark the anniversary of the town's founding. Last year I went and won the hot dog eating contest and I was third in the hands-free pie eating contest. I went back this year:

My starting weight.

A pre-Fall cold front swept in the day before. Temperature in the mid 50s and drizzly. Let's eat some hot dogs!

This is a picture of the 10 - 15 year old field.

The 15-and-up contest got started after the 10-15 year olds had their contest. It was chilly but dry as the 4 of us got set to go. We each had 10 hot dogs in the tray in front of us. It was to be a 5-minute race. Originally it was to be 10 minutes, but the organizers wanted to move things along what with the weather. I went in thinking I would bite-swig HDB #1, and then begin to dunk the entire HDB on 2+ if I needed to do so. I didn't need to do so as I was not pressed from the outset. Bear talked a mean game but managed to do 2. Larry, 3. Ramon finished with 4. I put down 10. I simply maintained a nice pace throughout the contest. Bite-swig the whole time. I could have slowed and finished with 5 to eek out the title defense, but I decided to stay at the pace I was on and treat it like practice for next weekend.

Next up: the pie eating.

The 7 to 10 group raced to eat one piece of cherry pie.

As last year, each of us in our 15 and over group had an entire creme pie in front of us. 5 minute time frame. Also as last year, I got hosed with a coconut creme pie. Unlike last year, the pies were sort of frozen. Well not thawed well. Ten people in our group. Last year I pulled 3rd place. This year, 2nd place. The girl who won had a chocolate creme pie. Probably because of the state of the pies the 5-minute time ran out before anyone finished their pie so the judges determined the places. I'll take 2nd. Anything to stop it.

So 1st in hot dogs and 2nd in pie. Not too bad.

Here is my weight after pulling the double.



Anonymous Mega Munch said...

Good job man. I've always wanted to do a classic pie eating contest. Except for shoofly pie. I did that a few times and it kind of sucked.

Anonymous Relampago Blanco said...

whoa .. you gained over 7 pounds?!? that's nutz!!! have you lost the weight you gained?


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