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Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

So Far in 2009

Here is a list of eating contests and challenges I've done so far this year.

1/3 - Round 1 of KBPI Wing Bowl qualifiers, 1st
1/3 - Round 2 of KBPI Wing Bowl qualifiers, 1st
1/10 - Round 3 of KBPI Wing Bowl qualifiers, 4th
1/17 - Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin' Challenge, SUCCESS
1/24 - Semi-finals of KPBI Wing Bowl
2/20 - Steak challenge at DB, FAIL
3/8 - Round 1 of Rocky Mountain Oysters contest, 2nd
3/8 - Finals of Rocky Mountain Oysters contest, 2nd
3/29 - Digger's #1, FAIL
4/17 - 6 lb burrito in Pueblo, SUCCESS
4/23 - Rock the Tot contest, 2nd
5/3 - Digger's #2, FAIL
6/6 - Brighton Hot Dogs
6/14 - Pizza challenge #1, FAIL
6/28 - Pizza challenge #2, FAIL
7/3 - Media hot dog eating challenge Steve's kickoff
7/4 - Hot dog eating contest, 2nd
7/4 - Shoppe Cupcake eating contest, 3rd
7/11 - Qualifier for 2nd Annual Chow Down for Charity
7/23 - 7 lb burrito challenge at Jack-n-Grill, SUCCESS
7/26 - Finals for 2nd Annual Chow Down for Charity, 4th
8/1 - 5 lb burger challenge at Cactus Jack's, SUCCESS
8/5 - Pizza challenge at Beau Jo's, FAIL
8/8 - Rocky Mountain Oyster eating contest, 1st
8/15 - Pizza challenge #3, FAIL


Anonymous Mega Munch said...

25 contests already this year! That's awesome man. Just think, if you were still with the IFOCEMLE and playing by their rules, you might have only competed in two contests so far.

Let's see, 25 fun contests in the general vicinity of where I live or 2 contests that I might have to travel to in which I know I have no shot in hell of winning. That's a no brainer!

Blogger A-Bomb said...

Yeah man, I really don't get why anyone but the top ranked eaters would be bitches of the IFOCE!! Maybe they're republicans!!

Anonymous Mega Munch said...

To be honest -- and I know this applied to me for a period of time -- I think some guys are a little embarrassed to be a "competitive eater" and being a part of a "professional" organization like the IFOCE helps legitimize their quirky hobby a little bit.

Competing in small, local contests makes them realize how goofy their hobby really is. It feels more like a sideshow spectacle at that level than it does up on the big IFOCE stage. But if you can come to terms with being a part of the spectacle and embrace it (and not give a fuck with anyone thinks about it), you won't need to be a member of the IFOCE in order to enjoy scarfing down chicken wings and hot dogs for fun.


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