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Bust This!

T-bonz, Mommye, and I went up to Evergreen to go antiquing. Lunch time, and we go to Cactus Jack's Saloon and Grill. T-bonz went with the delicious burrito. Mommye with a good looking burger. I take the Bust It Big Challenge.

Had to wait a while for it to be cooked and brought to our creekside table, but it was worth the wait! The meat was definitely fresh never frozen. Gooey white cheese, fresh vegetables, and the out-of-this-world locally-baked bun! This thing is going to be good!

First bite

And it was good at the beginning. I put down the first quarter in 4 minutes. 1/2 in 11 minutes. Then I began to slog. 3/4 in 32 minutes. Finished in 1 hour, ten minutes. For the last half I had to hit the water and ketchup hard. I probably would not have pushed to get it down if the crowd on the patio was not behind me and cheering me on like they were. One guy in particular was quite vocal, but it was all good.

Used a lot of ketchup

Getting there


Taking as long as I did to complete this was crappy in a few ways. From about 45 minutes until I finished, the burger and fries had gotten cold. Delicious in the beginning, but not so delicious now. The crust on the meat was hard now, the fries - great when hot - were cold and tasteless now, and the cheese was solidified. So to anyone else doing this challenge, eat fast and be complete before the burger and fries get cold.

Nice bulge!

This challenge was so much harder to complete than the big breakfast burrito at Jack-n-Grill. Maybe I had a bit of an off day or something. Whatever it was I was useless for the rest of the day. If I was in to abortions - of the food type - this would have been a good time to do it. But I'm not in to food abortions, so I didn't. I've only reversed in competition once. I've reversed during one challenge. I've reversed after one challenge. But no abortions. Take the pain, kids.

Long ride home

I am the first to complete the entire challenge successfully. A few weeks ago a guy did finish food, but then he reversed after his shot of tequila. Jimmy is going to crush through the food when he tries this in a few days - no doubt about that. But he won't be eligible to complete both parts of the challenge. Too bad.

A full gallery of photos can be seen here. Thanks, T-bonz!



Anonymous erb said...

You down with abortion by kung fu?

Anonymous Shamz said...

Did you do the shot of tequila, too? I don't think I've ever once see you drink anything booze related...

Anonymous erb said...

Yeah, I noticed no picture of the shot. I call shenanigans!

On a side note, my captcha is "hot herp." Only on your blog man, only on your blog.

Blogger A-Bomb said...

No shenanigans, erb. The bar was super-busy and I went inside to meet the owner. She was working the bar, so I took the shot at the bar. T-bonz and the camera were out on the patio. Terrible documenting, yes, but I always am legit with it.

Anonymous Mega Munch said...

Dude, you were checking out that dude's bulge.


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