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Finals of Chow Down

The finals of the 2nd Annual Chow Down for Charity hot dog eating contest took place at Steve's Snappin' Dogs on July 26th. Results:

1. Jimmy "The Jimineater" Mares - Tied Contest Record of 13 in 8 minutes
2. Phil Soderborg - 12 in 8 minutes
3. Mark Sutherburg - 11 in 8 minutes
4. Andrew "A-Bomb" Lane - 9 in 8 minutes
5. Fred Manly
6. T-Dog Fields
7. Andy Benke
8. Lana Nicolarsen

This was a great event and Steve did a great job as usual. In the time between the qualifiers and finals, Big Sexy joined the IFOCE so he was a no-show as well as one of the other guys who qualified. And the chick showed up late - she had to be called and reminded to get down to Steve's. Steve had replacements, though, so the contest began a little late when things finally got squared away.

Each of us began with trays of 13 hot dogs. Before starting we could condimentize the dogs. I went with ketchup. I wanted to stay off the water, and the ketchup would be good lube. I was eating next to Lana, and she was pretty grossed out by my squeezing of the buns and dogs and causing the ketchup to ooze out. She stopped eating after 2 dogs.
Lana's tray is in the upper right. Then mine. Then Phil's, Jimmy's, Mark's.

I finished one place better than last year, and I also ate one more than last year. I was shooting for double digits, maybe even low teens. But it was not to be. Jimmy has had a pretty good couple of months!

A full gallery of pictures can be seen here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Trinidad, CO, there is a restaurant called JoJo's Pizzaria. They have the JoJo's challenge. It is a pizza with all 18 toppings, a salad, a glass of LuLus lemonade, and I think a desert roll. The catch is that you only have an hour to eat it all. The pizza is excellent, the service is great and its right in the heart of downtown Trinidad. You can sit next to the window and watch the town pass around you as you enjoy the great family atmosphere!!!!

Good Luck if your up for the challenge!!!


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