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In the Final Again

The qualifiers for the 2nd Annual Chow Down for Charity Hot Dog Eating Contest went down at Steve's Snappin' Dogs. I'm sure you have heard how they turned out. If not, click here. The event was broadcast live on a local radio show. Thrilling to hear on the radio I'm sure.

The defending champion from last year did not have to qualify. So in total there were 14 people vying for 7 spots in the final. Me, Jimmy Mares, Big Sexy, and Mark Sutherburg (from the Woody's contest), and some others - including the woman who ate 4.5 hot dogs last year in her qualifier (she did not make it to the final). A husband and wife. Steve decided to do 2 qualifiers.

Qualifier #1 is loaded - Jimmy, Sexy, Mark, me, and 3 others. That's how we finished. Jimmy, 8. Sexy, 8. Mark, 7. Me, 5 1/2. I did not really feel real good about my 5 1/2 standing up with another qualifier still to come. But in the other qualifier, nobody bested Lana who got down 4 1/2. So my 5 1/2 was good enough to make the finals.

I was eager to see how Jimmy would do. From what I know, Jimmy tied Boone in his first contest (cupcakes in Boulder), tied Sexy for 3rd in his second contest (Nathan's qualifier in Denver), and won the cupcake event at The Shoppe (Sexy 2nd, me 3rd). But he did really well. 8 you say. Yeah, but I heard he was at 4 or 5 at two minutes. And then he busted out 3 or 4 in the last minute. 3 or 4 big fat girthy dogs. Perfect buns, but 3 or 4 of those dogs in 1 minute! Picnic style. Watch this kid!

The field for the final is set. See ya on July 26th.

Click here to view a gallery of photos.


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