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More Jack-n-Grill

A couple of nights ago Jimmy Mares and I went to Jack-n-Grill to take on the 7 pound breakfast burrito challenge. Adam Richman failed pretty miserably in January when he came to town with "Man v Food" which is on the Travel Channel (and the new season of shows begins og August 5th). I had tried this thing in early 2008 and failed too. Here's the link to my first time. And a day before I had let out to T-bonz that 7 pounds might be a little beyond my capacity, but HA!
My pre-weight.

Anyway, I totally wanted to see Jimmy eat this. I was definitely sure he'd kill it.

The breakfast burrito is - Inside: 15 potatoes, 12 eggs, some diced ham, green chile, cheese. Outside: wrapped in a 18" tortilla, smothered in green chile, red chile, and covered with more cheese.

The serving dish changed. On my previous attempt, the burrito was presented in more of a trough sort of dish. Now it comes on a plate, a very very big plate. So it does spread out more, but it is not as high. At first I didn't like it, but it does help expose more of the burrito to air. Key because it is H_O_T! Not too spicy hot but temp hot. Twenty minutes in to mine the burrito was still steaming as on minute 1.

Also, there are more potatoes than before. Last time there was more egg. I'm sure the current economic conditions have a part in that decision, but they are sacrificing a lot of taste by reducing the eggs. Raise the $12 price, or go bigger so fewer are given away free.

So we begin eating. I puncture the tortilla a few times to let some heat out. Jimmy does that as well then he goes a bit further and cuts open the tortilla, throws in some ice, and mixes it all around. And in full disclosure I must say that he would squeeze on some ketchup. That's so wrong to do that because this burrito is very tasty, and the fresh-roasted green chile is out of this world. But it's all about finishing the challenge I guess, and Jimmy loves him some ketchup. I think food challenges should be completed as the food was intended to be eaten. In competitions, yeah, do whatever you need to do. But here, eat the food. Just saying.

Nothing really to note until we were through about half each. We were pretty much even at this point. Then Jimmy popped it in another gear and started flying. His finishing speed is remarkable - I've seen it in cupcakes and at the Steve's qualifier. It is nothing short of very impressive. He's young, but with some learning and development .. look out for this kid!

Jimmy, with his speed at the end, finishes his in just over 30 minutes! I successfully clean my plate in about 45 minutes! One time not finishing the challenge is disappointing sure, but I can live with it. Not finishing a challenge twice is hard to stomach. I've done Amarillo twice without success. I've done Digger's twice without success. I've done a pizza challenge twice without success. That sucks. But this one has been completed. Hey Adam: Man wins!

Getting toward the end


But then...

For about the last 10 or 12 bites I would take a bite, mash the potato in my mouth, and it was easier to get down. There had been two times when swallowing big bites of potato created some very-close-to-being-realized urges contrary to swallowing. So the mashing was a way around swallowing the potato.

Ending weight

Now it's on to the finals at Steve's Snappin' Dogs, another burger challenge at Cactus Jack's in Evergreen, and who knows. I will take a breather in August, then pick back up with some contests in September..

Here is a link to a gallery of pictures.

Here is some video of me finishing the burrito. With a few bites left I had to stand up.

I do have more pictures, video, and words to post about the burrito challenge at Jack-n-Grill.

Big thanks to T-bonz for taking great pictures! T-bonz, Jimmy's mom, and his two sisters are wonderful athletic supporters!



Anonymous erb said...

On a serious note for once...I'm curious about the 150.0 starting weight + 7.0 lb burrito + assuming some beverage = 156.0. I don't think your metabolism works that fast, please enlighten.

Blogger A-Bomb said...

Wait wait....erb?!? serious??!!?? really???!!!??? but yeah I noticed that too. I took a H_U_G_E leak right before eating but after we pre-weighed outside.

Three of us weighed. One guy went from 145.0 to 145.5 ... Other guy's weight was 224.0 to 233.5...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what are you 2 doing ?????

we need to talk about this people

Anonymous Mega Munch said...

Awesome man. The weight thing is weird. Our bodies are strange like that. 5 lbs in doesn't always mean an extra 5 lbs on the scale (at least not right away). I'm no doctor though.

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