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Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver


I noted to myself that for this month or so series of contests I would post what I do to prepare. I forgot to do so for the past 10 days, but I will do so from here on out.

In the beginning of the month there was to be a wing contest. I got 24 wings from the place, and ate them mainly to refresh on the technique to use. After brushing up on the technique the contest was postponed. It's now tentatively set for October.

Next up was the three-minute hot dog eating contest sponsored by Steve's Snappin' Dogs at the Taste of Colorado. Again for getting the technique (eaten without separating and without dunking) I ate a package of eight hot dogs & eight buns. I ended up eating 6 hot dogs & buns in the contest and ate a couple more after time expired.

I ate another package of eight in preparation for the hot dog eating contest coming up.

Early prep: I've eaten a handful of canned jalapenos for a contest later in the month. I have not eaten jalapenos in a contest before so this prep and contest should be something.

So far, for those counting: 24 chicken wings, 24 hot dogs and buns, and 5 jalapenos.



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