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Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

The King & I

In Vegas a while ago: The King!

Paper Money

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Plaque at Johnny McGuire's

In Vegas a few weeks ago we stopped in for some delicious sandwiches and what not at Johnny McGuire's, where I ate a 24" sub to enter the 24" Club in December 2009.

The photo above is the plaque on the wall. The new additions are Creed and Naader Reda. Now the plaque spots are full, so what's next? Another plaque or switching out people?

Crave Burgers

Back to Crave in Castle Rock. I tried the challenge a couple of months ago. This time, me, T-bonz, Mommye, and 3M go to have lunch.

Going in I planned to have the Fatty Melt - bacon cheeseburger, tomato and pickle between 2 grilled cheese sandwiches. But our server, Roberto, remembered me from last time and suggested an off-the-menu creation, the DOUBLE FATTY MELT. From the bottom up: grilled cheese, bacon cheeseburger, tomato, pickle, another grilled cheese, bacon cheeseburger, tomato, pickle, another grilled cheese.

Before we ordered our burgers we ordered shakes.

S'mores Shake. Handmade & toasted marshmallow, drizzle with chocolate, graham crackers, just incredible.

T-bonz went with a Shakeyato. Coffee is unpalatable to me, but this shake kicked ass.

For the full gallery, see the Facebook photos.

T had the New York Burger. Corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, 1000 island dressing and a fried egg.

Check the gallery. And get here to go there.

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Mezcal for Lunch

Mezcal. Lunch. Nothing more needs to be said!

T-bonz went with a minty Mojito

Our food.

In front is my Combination #2. Chicken enchilada, tamale, and a carne asada burrito. T went with the smothered carne asada burrito. Their green chile is very good. As always the presentation was beautiful.

Mine's gone.

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T-bonz and I went to the Rock Rest Lodge in Golden for the taping of a feature for Outrageous Foods. The Food Network was there taping at Rock Rest because the lodge serves intact jumbo chicken wings (drum, paddle, nub) and one of the wing sauces is made with ghost chiles that they grow themselves. I would have thought that the Outrageous-ness at the lodge was the Peanut Butter Burger Challenge, but no.

Wing contest table

I was to be in the wing eating contest that will be part of the feature of the lodge on the show. We got there a little early to watch some of the other filming. It was weird; when they called "action" the whole bar got quiet. Nobody even taking steps on the floor because it would creak. But after a while, the wing contest.

4 guys. 2 girls. We each had a plate of 10 wings. First one done wins. But it’s for TV so we had to walk in and sit down a couple of takes. The host moved down the line and chatted a couple of times. We each were filmed separately reacting to the 10 wings before us. And the producer had Tom say some stuff and then say “GO”. A couple of us started, but that was not the signal to start. But “GO” was.


Definitely hot wings, for sure, but more about the flavor actually. Really good. Unlike the Atomic Reaper wings, you’d want to eat more of these. And the intestinal effects are nothing in comparison between the two.

During the eating, one of the assistants kept having me wipe off my face. Right! One, no chance - that’s how I eat in contests, especially saucy contests. Two, I think that would look better on tape – leaving the sauce all over my face - because wiping it off would smear it around, no? Oh well, I made it.

At the end, it was very close between me and another guy. Tom called it my way! Fun stuff! The episode will the run in late spring or so.

Quite a month for Rock Rest! The GM not only scored this Outrageous Foods segment, he also scored the KBPI Wing Bowl - all the qualifiers are at Rock Rest and they will be the wing supplier for the semis and finals. Way to go, Bob!

KBPI Wing Bowl Begins!

After taking a year off, the KBPI Wing Bowl is back.

My plate - before

My plate - after

And last night at the Rock Rest Lodge in Golden, Colorado was the first night of preliminary rounds for Team Nasty. I've made it to the semi-finals the last two years. Let's do this!

T-bonz and I get there, sign up, and we wait around for the 1st heat. Earlier in the day I had inquired about the length of the heats. 5 minutes they said. That's perfect for me - some time to get going, get in to it, and bring it home. But when we get there we find out the heats are now 2 minutes! 2 minutes? That sucks. And I find out the wing sauce is not the bar's HOT but the mild. Dang it!

The night's winner to my left

So the heat begins. And before I know it, it is over. I did OK. The team will be made up of the top 10 qualifiers after the qualifiers end. So I guess I have two more shots at Team Nasty.

Above is the final results sheet from the wing eating contest Night #1. Winner had 1.15 pounds. I had 1.11 pounds. We'll see if that total holds up to qualify. I don't think it will but we'll see.

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