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KBPI Wing Bowl Begins!

After taking a year off, the KBPI Wing Bowl is back.

My plate - before

My plate - after

And last night at the Rock Rest Lodge in Golden, Colorado was the first night of preliminary rounds for Team Nasty. I've made it to the semi-finals the last two years. Let's do this!

T-bonz and I get there, sign up, and we wait around for the 1st heat. Earlier in the day I had inquired about the length of the heats. 5 minutes they said. That's perfect for me - some time to get going, get in to it, and bring it home. But when we get there we find out the heats are now 2 minutes! 2 minutes? That sucks. And I find out the wing sauce is not the bar's HOT but the mild. Dang it!

The night's winner to my left

So the heat begins. And before I know it, it is over. I did OK. The team will be made up of the top 10 qualifiers after the qualifiers end. So I guess I have two more shots at Team Nasty.

Above is the final results sheet from the wing eating contest Night #1. Winner had 1.15 pounds. I had 1.11 pounds. We'll see if that total holds up to qualify. I don't think it will but we'll see.


Blogger dominique said...

Good luck! I'm considering to try out on the 20th.

(2010 hotdog champ)


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