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I Won the Battle

So a few days ago I ate some chicken wings in the Atomic Reaper Wings Eating Contest at America’s Bar & Grill. I'm recovered now, but here's what went down after the contest:

Sunday, December 12

10:00PM : Eating contest is over. Three of us have completed it in record-time of under 3 minutes. Face is on fire. Throat is swollen. Sweating.

10:00PM – 1:45AM : Nothing really of note. Downed some yogurt, water and Tums, but nothing big.

1:45AM – 2:00AM : Feel a serious rollin in colon, but production is of no wingage

2:00AM : Regurgitate maybe 4oz. Burned like hell coming up, especially in back of throat and in nose.

2:00AM - 3:00AM : Waves of me being shivering cold and not cold

3:00AM – 4:30AM : Actually got some sleep

4:30AM : Awoken with bad feeling in tummy. Wing poop begins - not much bulk but seriously burning anus. 3 of these.

5:30AM – 7:00AM : Every few minutes had very painful contractions alternating between pain for a few minutes and then no pain for a few minutes. Maybe 20 or so of these cycles.

7:00AM : Ate banana + saltines, then some chicken bullion. From this point on, no more stomach pain of note.

7:00AM – 4:00PM : No more stomach pain, but big time anus pain as I’d have 7 or 8 fiery poops. None produced much bulk, but the fire was incredible.

I think the next time I do these wings I will eat more after the eating. I hope that won’t make throwing up more of a threat because I’m not a puker. I tried just about everything not to puke at 2:00AM because I pretty much knew it would burn. And it did. I was expecting the throat burn but not the nose burn!



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