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Boulder Rib Contest


The Rib House in Boulder had their second Battle to the Bone rib eating contest. The photo above is what was left of my 3rd rack.

One of the things I really like about this eating thing is that I go lot of places I probably would not go. The Rib House is in that category. Not because it’s a dump or anything like that. It’s in a beautiful building and prime location in the heart of downtown Boulder. But the food! The ribs at the Rib House – or, Tracy’s Famous Illegal Ribs – are absolutely hands-down no question the best ribs I have ever eaten. Hickory-smoked. Tender, tender, tender. And delicious, delicious, delicious. When hot, the meat absolutely falls off the bone in the best way imaginable.

You know what, the ribs cannot be described. If you live near Boulder (or Longmont, too) and eat meat, go here and eat these ribs or you are just stupid.

Back to the contest. Last time, Jon won with 3 full racks + a few bones. And I tied for 3rd with 2 1/3 racks. This time, Jon won again with 3 1/2 full racks, and I was 2nd with 2 1/2 full racks. There was a guy who could have tied for 2nd, but with about 2 minutes to go he stood up and spit out his mouthful in the trash. The contest this time produced the 1st guy to puke. He hit the end of the eating time, but he could not clear his mouth before he let loose.

The Rib House is going to be filmed in January and will be on a Travel Channel show. And also get time on CBS. Good for them. And good for anybody who has not eaten here.

Oh, my poop. Record! Record! Well, I haven't taken the weight of every poop I've dropped but usually when I do weigh them (because I expect it to be a good one) they come in about 1.5 pounds, and really good poops weigh in at 1.7 or 1.8 pounds.

But this one I knew would be good, but not this good!

I entered at 151.0 lbs. Exit at 148.8 lbs! 2.2 pounds! w00t!


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