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Swine is Fine

You craving some real food? Head to Crave. They have the Big Bad Wolf Challenge. It consists of 3 loaded burgers and tons of fried onion strings.

Each burger is: 1/2 lb patty of some really delicious beef, 1 lb of a pulled pork-ham-bacon, and huge brioche buns. And some special sauce.

I started really well! Ate the patties, the pulled pork, ham, and bacon first.

Easily the best tasting eating challenge in my 5+ years of eating.

Killing it.

Here's where I think I made a mistake. I put some of the burger innards in the buns and ate that way. The buns were dense. Really dense. Next time, I will wait to do the buns until last.

Time is close to running out.

Time did run out. I had a little less than 1/2 of one burger remaining.

Me and T-bonz had an Elvis shake afterwards. Peanut butter ice cream, a banana, fudge, whipped cream, and BACON bits mixed in, and topped with two bacon strips! You, go there.



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