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Screwed in the End

Went to the West End Tavern in Boulder to take the Wing King Challenge. I did it last year but wanted to do it again. We got seated at the same table, too.

The photo above is all you need to know about the challenge. No bones, just a few meat scraps and bits of skin.

I started out on a pretty good pace. First few minutes did 20 of the jumbo wings. Then something happened.

Fast forward.

In the final 10 seconds I had to really chipmunk the remaining meat. But the manager, when reviewing the rules, explicitly allowed chipmunking at the end. So the win/no win was not based upon that. I got through all 50 wings in 30 minutes, but because of the few bits of skin and meat detritus on my plate the manager would not declare the win. Never mind the clean bones or no debris on or off the table.

Clearly I screwed up by taking the challenge to the end of the allotted time, but c’mon. If anyone else were to see a before photo, and an after photo, that’d be a win. But the rules of the challenge are pretty clear...

I’ll be back, soon, to try again!

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