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A Big Steak

I went in expecting a 4 pound steak plus two sides of my choice. When I tried this in Beaver Creek last year the sides were normal-sized. But it turned out to be more.

Me & Dick say WTF with this HUGE salad?!?

Not more food, per se. But more poundage. For a moment, I thought about not doing it. But I wanted to do it because they can f*ck themselves. Same steak, but the sides were 1 pound each. So 1 pound of salad, and 1 pound of green chile. And the 4 pounds of steak.

And the steak, really pretty nasty. Sinewy, fatty, gristly, just nasty. Actually I pulled a muscle in my back because of the cutting. But it tasted pretty good. Not nearly as good as the big steak at the Big Texan, but passable indeed.

I started in on it. Killing it early. Quite flavorful. But as I got closer to the middle, it got more and more rare. It was nice and medium on the outer edges, but became medium rare, then rare, then still mooing. I had them cook the middle 1/3 more.

During that few minutes, I got on the green chile and salad. Actually forcing me to eat some chile and salad was a good move from a flavor fatigue perspective.

When the steak came back, it wasn't mooing. That's good. But the edges of the re-cooked meat were much more well-done than before.

I polished off the steak, then finished off the salad, gulped down the remainder of the chile, and I was done. 47 minutes.

The guy next to me bet our server $20 that I'd not finish. Ha!

I did take my pre weight. 152lbs. Post, 158lbs. 6 pounds. Exactly what I thought it would be because I hardly too in water or any other drink at all. The meat juice and the green chile provided good lube.

We walked around the corner for some Dairy Queen soft serve. Nice!

Coaching could not have been better. T-bonz, well, my rock. But also with Mommye, 3M, 2D, Letina [still working on a nickname]...even with the added poundage of the challenge with them my finishing was not in doubt. Thanks girls!

For many more photos, here is the link to the photo album on Facebook.

And my GI recovery is on Twitter.

Up until this I was 0-3 against steak challenges! Finally a steak win!



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