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Colossus Burger

Stopped in at the Club Fortune Casino in Henderson for the Colossus Burger Challenge.

The challenge is a burger, 12 1/4-pound patties, 6 slices of American cheese, 6 slices of white cheese, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, bun on top, bun on bottom, and two crown buns in the middle. You have 20 minutes to eat it. The burger is served with a side of fries but you do not have to eat those as part of the challenge.

Since the challenge began a few months ago, 50 people have attempted it. Only a dozen people have completed it, including one female. Finish it and get the burger for free, and a good looking t-shirt.

At the start the patties were hot, but they had a good amount of grease to slide down well. The patties cooled fast, and when they did they became congealed with the cheese and grease. Eat fast. The buns were toasted, so crispy.

Club Fortune is a nice little local casino. Visitors to the strip probably would not think to go here, but they should. Locals definitely must stop in every now and then.



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