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Grim Reaper

This is gonna hurt.

And it did.

Atomic Reaper Wing Eating Contest at America's Bar & Grill in Aurora.

The idiots

Before each of us was a basket of 10 wings. All drums. Each wing was coated very liberally with the Reaper sauce - a truly lava-esque concoction of ghost chiles and who knows what else. I've done ghost chile challenges before, and they were not even close to the ferocity of these wings. Absolutely the hottest things I've ever eaten. EVER before, and hopefully EVER again.

The baskets of the two girls. Shows some of the detail of the Reaper sauce.

3 guys got through all 10 wings in under 3 minutes, one guy put down 5, and the girls made it to 2 or 3 wings.

From right: Jon, the owner Betty, A-Bomb

But there could be only 1 winner:

Some Results:
10 - Jon Boddy
10 - A-Bomb
5 - Alex

A full gallery is on Facebook.

I won the battle against the wings, but the war continues...


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