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Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

Newly Found

I ran across a few photos from the Tube Steaks at the Taste Hot Dog Eating Contest from Labor Day 2011:

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Apollo 5

Taste of Philly opened a very nice new location in Castle Rock. New location, new wall of fame to get on.

I hoped to be the 1st on the new wall, but it turns out that a guy had been in the night before and finished in 52 minutes (staff says he ran out and puked right away).

T-bonz and I get down there. I finally got to meet the owner/franchisor/franchisee (?) of the four locations at which I have taken on the Apollo Challenge. Martin Garvey - great guy, and younger than I expected - congratulations to him (on his success, not on being young - though that's great).

After some formalities, Martin cooks up the Apollo, and it's on.

It's steamy hot! And very cheesy! I crush the first half in under 5 minutes. The record time that Jimme holds is certainly within reach!

But I do not maintain that speed on the 2nd half. The last 3 Apollo attempts for me have been that way. I bust ass on the 1st half but limp in on the 2nd.

Ended up finishing in just over 18 minutes. Fifth time. And fun time. For 2011, I am 4-4.

Apollo 1 - 4

Yesterday I took on the Apollo Cheesesteak Challenge at Taste of Philly for the 5th time. This time at their new Castle Rock location. While I work on the fifth installment, here are links to the 4 previous attempts.

1: Colorado Blvd

2: Lakewood

3: Highlands Ranch

4: Highlands Ranch