A-Bomb and ...

Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver


Let's start with this:

That's me getting my photo taken for the Apollo Challenge Wall of Fame at Taste of Philly. At this store for the 2nd time. Overall, for the 4th time.

This is the wall of fame and the Highlands Ranch store. The two guys on the right have times of 13 and 15 minutes.

CJo signing the waiver to get some. Some of the Apollo Challenge: 44 ounces of meat, 18 ounces of a white cheese, 1/2 pound of onions, all stuffed inside of a 20" Amoroso roll. I think there had to be more cheese than that.

CJo digging in.

My 2nd half. I fork in the meat until it's able to be picked up and eaten like a sandwich. I got the 1st half down in just over 6 minutes.


My last couple of bites on the 2nd half.

There is a full gallery on Facebook of photos that T-bonz took. Good work, coach!


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