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Musubi Madness?

In Hawaii last time there was a musubi eating contest at a festival. Great tunes by MokuLeo. Here are some pictures:

Musubi? No, just fist-sized triangular wedges of sticky rice. No seaweed. No protein.

Before the main event, a keiki musubi eating contest

Without a doubt the best spot for any eating contest I've been in!

Getting ready for the contest

We all started with a plate of 5 musubi wedges

Not a great format for me - first to finish 5 blocks, but it's Hawaii!

There were a few girls in the contest

A good time. Another 2nd, but at least the brother team that went 1-2 last year did not repeat.

8/20/2011 - 2nd Annual Battle Musubi
Auto Body Hawaii, Kona HI
13 competitors, first to finish 5 musubi

Top 3:
1. 2:13 - Ted Maiau
2. 2:25 - me 
3. 2:26 - Joe Maiau 

Next year hopefully the first-to-finish format will change to 8 or 10 minutes. And, maybe the musubi will have seaweed and some protein of Spam or beef or chicken.


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