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Now That's a Burrito!

Went down to Colorado Springs to take on the El Gordo Burrito Challenge at Puerto Palomas. Great place! T-bonz, Mommye, and 3M were there to witness it.

Going in, I thought "30 minutes to down a 5 pound burrito? No problem."

But, and as advertised actually, the burrito was 5 pounds of meats stuffed inside 3 massive homemade tortillas. Plus beans, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and manteca. Lots and lots of manteca. Do the math, and the final weight was over 8 pounds. The presentation was nice with the lettuce leaves and tomato slices.

Time to get at it. 30 minutes.

Easily the tastiest oversized eating challenge item I've eaten. Easily. The side of the burrito that I started on had barbacoa mostly. The other meats were mixed in to some degree but pretty much it was 1/3 barbacoa, 1/3 carne asada, and 1/3 carnitas. But 1/1 delicious!

I ate just over 1/2 in those 30 minutes. 8+ pounds in a solo challenge is too much for me. 8+ in a contest, I've done that. 8+ in a non-solo eating challenge? Maybe. How tasty was it? I took the left overs home. I have never done that before, mainly because I normally have had enough of an unfinished challenge food.

And I ate, very uncharacteristically, cleanly so my plate was not a mess at all. I had been provided a big knife and big spoon so I cut big bites off. Didn't go hands with it.

Can't wait to go back. There are some other dishes to try, notably the Juarez Burger. A colossal mash-up of lipids from both sides of the border that includes a burger patty, ham, mild, melted white cheese, bacon, avocado, mayo and a hot dog sliced lengthwise. Hold the mayo, please!

There is a gallery of all the photos on the Facebook.


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