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#4 at Mezcal

A few nights ago was the 4th taco eating contest at Mezcal. I had won contests 1, 2, and 3. #4?

Round 1. The 13 competitors had 15 minutes to eat 20 tacos. Top 5 would move on to Round 2. As in contests 1-3, eaters could have either chicken or veggie tacos. I went with the chicken tacos again. Tacos of the street variety, so a corn tortilla + chicken or veggie + cabbage + bit of hot sauce. Four guys with veggie tacos finished first. Only one spot left in the final round. Me and some dude were neck and neck for that 5th spot. We both finished our plate of 20 tacos at essentially the same time, and it came down to clearing the mouth. I as usual had a bunch packed away in my cheeks, but I did get my mouth clear before the other guy. Barely.

This is after round 1 ended. That's the guy who could have taken my spot.

Round 2. The five of us would have 5 minutes to eat. Winner would be whoever ate the most in those 5 minutes. The field was me with chicken tacos and 4 guys with veggie tacos. I had barely made it in the round, so I did for a split second think about going with veggie, but I didn’t. I had done chicken in the previous contests too, so I stuck with my choice. Bad move because one of the other guys ate 10 to my 7. I had always since contest #1 wondered when chicken would bite me in the ass. And it did this night. I wonder what the weight of my chicken tacos is in comparison to veggie tacos?

Still I did finish 2nd, but my streak ended. So I know what I need to do so I can begin another streak.

Had to go drown my sorrow

Final results:

Mezcal's 4th Taco Eating Contest
Denver, Colorado
13 competitors - 15-5 format

1st: 30 - Colter Wilkie
2nd: 27 - Me
3rd: 25 - Kiko Juarez


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