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Finally, El Coyotito #3!

Worst decision ever?

GOING to eat at El Coyotito #3 wasn't the worst decision ever. Far, far from that! NOT GOING to eat at El Coyotito #3 for 13 years was the worst decision ever!

The salsa brought to the table with the chips. Good stuff!


Right on, right on!

T-bonz got a smothered shredded beef burrito. I went with a smothered birria burrito. First time I've ever had it. First time seeing birria on the menu. OMG, yes!


I took this shot because every plate on the table is not a match to any other. Awesome!

The shredded beef burrito.


Birria, above the fork. Shredded beef below.

Oh yeah!

All the bottles of Tapatio had no caps.


Go here.

We'll be back.

Over the years we had passed by lots of times. Always on the way somewhere. But we finally had it as our destination. Dios mio the birria was unbelievable.


Anonymous EC#3 said...

Many thanks for your unbiased account of your first visit to El Coyotito #3!


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