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Try, Try Again...

Back at Mannie & Bo's Pizzeria in Golden to try the calzone challenge. Jimmy & I were the 1st team to conquer the team challenge. But I want to be the 1st to take down the solo challenge.

I didn't plan to try it again until September, but the situation presents itself the day before. So I go in without the lead time I prefer, but hey!

Odd look on my face. Come on, have fun with it!

Hooray us!

Their Wall. We're the 1.

Mommye's sausage sandwich. Homemade Italian sausage, green chile strip, cheese. YUM!

T-bonz went with the Taco Calzone. It's under the lettuce, tomato, and green chile.

Taco Calzone

The big 6lb calzone. A pizza and normal-sized calzone behind the big calzone.

Bo brings out the calzone.

Nice greasy goodness to the left.

Went flop-less

Letting it cool a bit before starting. It's steamy hot!

It's cooling.

About to begin.

Starting. It's still HOT.

Classic yellow sign!

Good start. Kept clear, and not much water.

Early on. Lots of meats.

Finishing 1st half.

Man, that pound of sausage is super rich!


On to the 2nd half.

2nd half.


About end of time.

One last push.

Time is about up.

2.04 pounds left.


There's the pound of cheese in it, a pound of dough, and then 4 pounds of meats. Too much meat? The calzone is so good, no doubt, but all that meat just whacks me. Yes, I ate more than my last solo attempt - so that's good - but dang it.

Amber? Miranda?



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