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That's how much meat, white American cheese, and grilled onions are stuffed inside a 20-inch lightly-crusty-on-the-outside-but-pillowy-soft-inside Amoroso roll. In ounces. The regular cheesesteaks here usually tip the scales at well over a pound but the sandwich fixings-to-bun ratio is not usually as fixing-heavy as the challenge samich.

After ordering, signing the waiver, and being confined to the challenge zone (CAUTION!), it's on. The cheesesteak is cut in half, each half in its own basket. I usually try to do food challenges as nature intended: eat hot dogs normally, knife and fork a steak, whatever the case, but the Apollo just could not be eaten that way because of the bread-busting volume of the meat and cheese. So I started by using a fork to shovel the insides. Coach reminded me to down some of the bread too.

I really tried not to chipmunk, as I think I ALWAYS DO (and I know I shouldn't!!) whether a contest or challenge, and there wasn't too much munking but there were a few times. Bonz had me clear each time, and everything was OK.

I get through the first half of the cheesesteak in just under 8 minutes. The 2nd half is more of the same. I did let my attention wander just a bit a couple times for photos and comments. The MOD had me clear the sandwich droppings really well before calling it done, but it was called at 21:06. The other guy [the Asian Assassin] who had finished, at this location, came in with a "21 minute" time. I am thinking the time was to the minute and not the second. So because no one can prove otherwise I am saying we tied.

Wall of Fame on Colorado Blvd

Normally, eating Taste of Philly cheesesteaks can't be beat. But eating FREE Taste of Philly cheesesteaks -- nothing better!

Soon, Taste of Philly is going to offer another sandwich at the nearest-to-me Aurora location: the Green Chile Philly. That is going to be killer. I can't wait!

The waiver

It's big

Just after GO

End of 1st half

Handling the 2nd half

Coming to the end



Another t-shirt!

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Blogger John said...

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Blogger John said...

Oddly enough I discovered your Blog on Sunday, then had my first TOP sammy on Monday. While I was waiting I saw your picture on the Wall of Fame. Now I feel compelled to answer the challenge as well. Wish me luck

Blogger Eating The Road said...

Ohhh...a local competitor...I'd love to see how John stacks up.

I love the challenge zone and the caution tape.

Blogger A-Bomb said...

John, go for it! And definitely let me know how it goes. You'll have a lot of fun, and if you want to share photos or anything else about it, drop me an email:


(remove the underscores)

Good luck!

Anonymous Teddy said...

Andrew, you are incredible, man! How many hours do you work out a week? Your routine must be intense!

Blogger John said...

My hat is off to you sir, I was not able to conquer the Apollo.

I put down the first half in 6, but couldn't put down the second.

While talking to the manager there he mentioned that someone at another location had finished it in ten.

Blogger A-Bomb said...

Yeah, that sandwich goes down fast in the beginning, but the flavor fatigue sets in rather quickly..


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