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Me, T-bonz, Moms, and Beeg [I just made up that nickname for her] went to Rib City Grill in Glenwood Springs to try to Beast the Feast - their eating challenge.

The wall of fame

The challenge is 1lb of baby back ribs, 2lbs of chicken - a whole chicken - 1/2lb of sliced beef, 1/2lb of sliced pork, 1/2lb baked beans, 1/2lb cole slaw, 1/2lb of fries, 1 baked potato, a couple slices of texas toast. It weighs in at 6 pounds or so.

We got there a little early, and the place was dead. We were the only diners. So we ordered some appetizers and the owner let us wait about an hour so some of the tables could be filled. Actually that was good for me and him - me, it would be weird doing the challenge with nobody else looking on, and for Mike because the challenge is a new thing and he wants to create more interest. Of the before me who have tried it, only 2 have finished (in fall 2009). But he is still tweaking it - he had just recently added another 1/2 chicken to bring it to a whole chicken.

Sweet potato fries

Fried okra

Going in I thought I'd begin on the sliced beef & pork. While doing those I would strip the meat off of the rib bones and do the same to the chicken. But when I actually began I took a bite of the beef, and while delicious, it was very chewy. I think I got a couple of beef bites down then went to the rack of ribs.

The ribs were without a doubt the best baby back ribs I have ever eaten! And tender. The meat was not falling off the bone but it did come off the bone very very easily. They were excellent. And same with the chicken. It came off the bones easily, too, and was very juicy. I'm not a BBQ chicken guy but Rib City makes it just right. But the ribs are where it's at.

Early on

Moving thru the ribs

I started with a killer pace. I was flying. At 15 minutes, I began the fries. There weren't many fries, but fries have always been my nemesis. And these were no different. Things slowed. Is it the heaviness of fries? Or the starchiness? Whatever it is, it got me. The next 14 minutes were not that good.

At 29 minutes, I stopped. Of the 6 pounds of stuff, I had 1.25 left. Some chicken, a few spoonfuls of beans, the potato, and all of the cole slaw. I do not like mayonnaise so I planned on leaving the slaw until the end so I am glad I did not eat the slaw for nothing.

Just over 1.25 pounds

I had never tried a rib or BBQ challenge before this. I am glad I did. If not for the fries (and potato) .. who knows?

Close-up of the Wall of Fame. 16 attempts, 2 finishers

The challenge is only available at 4 Rib City locations in western Colorado. It sure would be nice for other locations to start a challenge.

The result of this challenge brought my eating challenge record to 17 successes and 17 failures.

Click here for a full gallery of 97 photos.

T-bonz took some great video that I will upload soon.



Blogger Mike said...

Thank you A-bomb for your valiant effort....We've only had 2 winners and many losers to date with our Feast challenge - however you made a lasting impression on us....you had the whole restaurant cheering for your success. Even though you failed - you did not let us down!

You are officially on our wall of shame - however we look forward to you coming back and redeeming yourself soon!

By the way....Thanks for the kind words on our food!

Mike Noble & The Rib City Team

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also wish this was available at all of their locations it is not available at the Arvada location as FYI....



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