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Rock Rest Lunch

T-bonz and I stopped by the Rock Rest Lodge in Golden, Colorado for lunch. A week ago I finished the Peanut Butter Burger Challenge at Rock Rest. The Lodge is a really cool place with lots of fun happenings, good people, friendly employees, and most importantly DELICIOUS food!

Calendar. Be there on the 13th at 6pm.


T-bonz opts for the sliders. Sliders? More like 4 QPCs. (For those not in the know, QPC = Quarter Pounder with Cheese)

I had the BBQ pork sandwich w/ tots. Absolutely wonderful!

The pork is smoked for 10 hours! And the bun is out of bounds! The tots are so much tastier than the curly fries (which you see in the upper right of the photo). Not that the curly fries are not good, but who doesn't like some tots.


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