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1st IHOP This Year

IHOP is having their annual all-you-can-eat pancake special. I've gone before - in 2007 & 2008. Not in 2009. Maybe that's why 2009 felt incomplete. I was not going to make that mistake in 2010!

I went in wanting a good stretch. I hadn't eaten since the Bellagio brunch buffet in Vegas - and that was about a month ago so I needed it.

IHOP has a couple ayce pancake meals. Hashbrowns, eggs, meat, and 2 pancakes to begin. And then stacks of pancakes in 3 until you say whoa. After eating the two scrambled eggs, then the pile of hashbrowns, I began on the pancakes.

First bite.

After a while T-bonz wanted me to try to change things up. I tried the Strawberry syrup instead of the hot maple they give you. WAAAYYYY too sweet.

Here, 14 or so.

Put it in.

Finishing 20.

2nd to last bite.

Last bite.

Done at 23. That's good.

With 23 I got a great stretch. It's good to feel that again. Our server, Judy, also served up the pancakes to me in 2007. She told me that earlier in the week a girl came in and ate 40 pancakes. My store record from 2007 - gone. I do not know when it happened but the store record is at 40 now. So I'll be back and give that a shot.


Blogger Eating The Road said...

Wow, 40! I've always wanted to try their AYCE feast and see how many I could down. What's the price? (I'm sure it's awfully cheap...especially considering you're eating at least 23 cakes :P

Anonymous T-bonz said...

58% girl! :)

Blogger sharonshroyer said...

So, what does T-bonz do while you eat all that A-Bomb?


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