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Las Vegas Thoughts

Las Vegas Thoughts

My '3 challenges in 3 days' in Las Vegas is a bit over a week past. I went in to it thinking I'd go 2-1 but ended up 1-2. I attribute that to my decision to switch up the BURRITO-SUB-BURGER order of attempt to the SUB-BURRITO-BURGER order. I thought the switched order would be good because I'd be able to go, challenge size-wise, from small to medium to large. But in the end that might not have mattered too much because I think the body would not have had time to recover from whatever was consumed on day 1 before day 2. No matter what day 1 was - if it had been the BURRITO first then I might not have finished the sub because my guys would not have been done processing the burrito. I think maybe if I had a day between each challenge then that would've helped go 2-1. The Undertaker Challenge is just stoopid.

Perhaps if I had tried the Extreme Challenge instead of the Undertaker at LBS then I would have completed that one. Maybe even in about 20 minutes. But that is all vapid conjecture because, again, being the 3rd straight day of challenges the body might have said "enough already".

We already have reservations at Bluegreen Club 36 in March. Burrito rematch. That's the challenge I really wanted to finish, so not even the success at Johnny McGuire's helps mend my broken heart.

I do not plan on eating again in 2009. I will take a few days more and get the body back to the pre-Vegas point through detox and solid workouts. And get the well-formed six-pack back.

The next thing on the horizon to kick off 2010 in January is the KBPI Wing Bowl. For the past two years I have competed in it and I have made it through the qualifying rounds to the semi-finals held in the atrium of the Pepsi Center. I eat wonderfully in the qualifiers but then choke hard in the semis. This year it would be great to make it to the finals which are held a couple of hours after the semi-final round on the carpet of the Pepsi Center at halftime of a Colorado Mammoth lacrosse game. Still no word if the defending champion Big Sexy will compete. Same with 3 time (consecutive) champion Mongo Marquez. That whole IFOCE thing. The IFOCE has made them their bitches.

Keep checking back here. I'll have a review of 2009. I am also tabulating my eating contest record and my eating challenges record. As always, follow me on Twitter or on Facebook for the latest.


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