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Challenge #1

Me, T-bonz, Mommye and 3M were in Las Vegas for 5 days. For the first 3 days, I was taking on 3 food challenges. Here's #1: the 24" Club at Johnny McGuire's Deli.

Up until the day before departure, my challenge schedule was BURRITO-SUB-BURGER. The morning of leaving Denver I changed up the menu: SUB-BURRITO-BURGER. More on that later...

We get to Vegas and we can't check-in until 4pm so we decide to get lunch. At Johnny McGuire's. It was a bitch to find, but we did. They have a great selection of soups, salads, and hot dogs. 24" Trucker for me: turkey, BBQ sauce, tomatoes, lots of lettuce, and cheddar cheese. On white. Hold the mayo, please.

After a few minutes, the sandwich is brought out. Man, it's BIG! Rich LeFevre holds the store record for the 24 inch club - 20:19. I was so shooting for that.

I begin. It's good. I mean really good! The chef loaded on the lettuce. Gotta remember that for next time. Maybe get less lettuce. The BBQ sauce is not only delicious, it also provides some good lube.

The sandwich is cut into 4 sections. I get through the 1st at 4:30. Second at a bit over 9. 3rd at 17. 4th at 21. Then I have a pile of droppings to consume. I do so and finish in 28:22.

2nd best for the location! Yes, there is a guy who finished his sandwich in 23 minutes, but the manager puts me in 2nd because that guys had a sub composed of just bread and tuna. Very dry, no doubt, so I applaud that eatfeat, but he didn't have the weight of the toppings. That's one weird thing about the 24" Club - the eater can choose the sub and customize it any way they want. For the challenge there should be a standardized list of ingredients on the sub. I wonder what kind of sub Rich ate.

It was a good eat. T-bonz coached me through it. She got me to clear a couple of times when I had to do so and start anew. She got some great photos. What a terrific athletic supporter she is!

With the sub down, I start preparing for the B3 burrito less than 24 hours away.



Blogger Eating The Road said...

Very nicely done sir! I'm looking forward to seeing that burger.

...and how the heck did you LOSE weight?!?

Blogger A-Bomb said...

Yeah, I do not have any explanation for LOSING weight. None. I have not produced nearly enough for my intake on those days!

Anonymous Jessebenharris@yahoo.com said...

wow, good job! i did in in 35 minutes, it was tuff, but i want to try it again!

Blogger A-Bomb said...

Cool, Jessebenharris! I'll be in Vegas in March - Want to have a contest?


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