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Vegas #2

This is a picture of a guy eating a 24" sub sandwich at Johnny McGuire's deli in Las Vegas. That's not me in the photo, but it will be me next week when we're in Las Vegas. I'm doing 3 food challenges in 3 days.

Yesterday you met challenge #1. Here's #2. I don't know that much about the challenge, but I do know that the eater can choose to eat any Johnny McGuire's sub. Any way they want it. They have 40 minutes to eat it to enter the 24" Club. You get your name on a plaque and a good meal. If you don't finish, you PAY DOUBLE. That's their Vegas twist.

Their menu of subs looks incredible. I am leaning toward getting the Marley (no mayo) or the 220-B (again, no mayo). Or some other hot sub. Meh about the cold subs.

Tomorrow, challenge #3.



Blogger Eating The Road said...

Wow, you found it....how'd you find it? ...and what are the odds that it was in Vegas.

Blogger A-Bomb said...

Yeah, that is quite a coincidence!


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