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Vegas #1

You are looking at a photo of the Big Badass Burrito which is a challenge at the Nascar Cafe in the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas.

We're going to Vegas next week and this burrito is one of three challenges there that I am attempting. Three challenges in three straight days.

Back to the burrito. It is 2 feet long. Over 6 pounds. Four tortillas. Lettuce. Rice. Beans. Cheese. Jalapenos. Shredded beef. Nacho cheese sauce. It is topped with sauce, more nacho cheese, tomatoes, olives, and big scoops of sour cream and guacamole.

Those taking on the burrito have an hour and a half to finish. Finishers get a t-shirt, their photo on the wall of fame, and the burrito is free. Those who do not finish get a stomach ache and a pink "weenie" t-shirt. And their photo goes on the wall of shame.

Hundreds have tried, and you can count the finishers on one hand. Even Adam Richman on Travel Channel's "Man v. Food" couldn't do it. If that means anything.

Tomorrow, meet my Vegas challenge #2.



Blogger Eating The Road said...

You're a beast! I'm looking forward to seeing how well you do.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We faithfully cheered you on... but alas you ..... blew chow..... we may need to come tonight to the burger challenge..... YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

Blogger Wharzutility said...

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