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4 Pound Burrito

Until November 11th, I had taken a few weeks off from eating. To cleanse the colon and focus on the six-pack. T-bonz and I went to The Rock in Aurora to re-emerge.

Starting weight

The Rock has a 4 pound burrito challenge. It comes with a side plate of refried beans, lettuce and tomato. To complete the challenge you need to eat the burrito and also clean the side plate. I have completed this twice before so I thought this challenge would be a good stretch. And it was.

You can get it one of 3 ways: ground beef, chicken or bean. I went with the seasoned ground beef. And that's what was in the burrito: lots of ground beef. On top, hot green chile and lots of cheese.

And the green chile WAS hot. I didn't think it would be as hot as it was. And the spiced ground beef was steaming hot. But it was quite tasty.

After a while the ground beef became dry and tough to choke down. Going in I thought maybe 20 minutes to down the burrito first and then perhaps 5 minutes more on the side plate. I ended up finishing in 25 minutes but I do not know how that broke down between the two plates because I had to mix some of the sides into the burrito to cool down the temperature heat and the spicy heat.

It was a good stretch. I had not gotten a stretch since the Wing King Challenge at the West End Tavern in Boulder on October 14th so it felt good. I have a couple more challenges in the Denver area which should prepare me nicely for a few challenges in Las Vegas in December.

Ending weight

Afterwards, we stop by Sonic for some soft-serve...

And there's more: a full gallery of photos. And a good video.



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