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The Shirt Off My Back

The photo above shows the shirt I wore at the hot dog eating contest in Frederick last month. The competition hot dogs were boiled. I thought nothing of course of the hot dog juice that ran down my shirt during the contest. I thought it'd be washed and be fine. But no. Not my favorite Life is Good t-shirt. It's trashed with the stains. What was in those hot dog juices? And what went in my belly? T-bonz tried soaking the shirt in Oxi Clean, but no luck. The stains on the shorts came out, but the shirt is gone. Any ideas people?


Anonymous erb said...

Buy some of those hot dogs, boil them, and then soak the shirt in the pot of hot dog water. The stain should then cover the whole shirt, therefore it won't be a stain anymore.

You're welcome.

Blogger A-Bomb said...

That might just be the solution. Erb you are truly a gentleman and a scholar.


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