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Eating contests and Eating challenges around Kona & Denver

Mmm. Pie.

Four Mile Historic Park in Denver had a pumpkin festival, and there was a pie eating contest. Before the contest I thought 'pumpkin festival so naturally it'll be pumpkin pie'. Well, I was wrong.

It was fruit pie. Hands-free. But you could hold the tin, just couldn't use hands to eat it or shovel it in. And it was: Apple pie or cherry pie. I really don't like either. But we did get to choose. I chose cherry. In hindsight, terrible choice.

Contest length was 2 short minutes. The defending champion went with apple. He agreed that I ate more pie, but his apple pie was more sturdy than the juicy cherry pie so the judge made the call for the defending champ. I pulled 2nd. There were two other guys in the adult class.

Here is a video of the contest.


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