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HD minus the B

The hot dog eating contest last weekend in Frederick was just that - hot dogs. No bun. Just the dog.

Usually going in to a contest I know some details like how long of a duration, what the food is, some idea of the rules, something. But about this one I knew nothing. And I didn't know what the prizes were. 1st place, among other things, won a sweet glass mug with "Hot Dog Contest" "Winner" "2009" engraved. That would have been nice - you know I'm all about hardware. The cash, t-shirts, are OK but the hardware is where it's at.

There were 10 competitors. 8 guys, 2 girls. The defending champ was in the mix, and a couple of guys who did it last year. Each of us got 10 dogs in our trays to start. And our own judge/hot dog refiller. You'd get two dogs at a time as needed. On GO and for the duration of the contest I was on an even pace of 5 dogs per minute. I thought 15 would get it done. It didn't. The guy next to me won with 18. My 15 was goof for 2nd. And one of the girls took 3rd with 14.

She was 3rd.

1st and 2nd.

I must say I didn't pay much attention to the guy next to me. The sun was so very bright so I was eyes closed. If I had I could have quickened my pace. And if I had known about the hardware that 1st would take maybe that would have made me pick it up.

At the end, I shoved one more in. There was a strict 30 second period to clear the mouth, and at the end of that time I still had another swallow in my mouth but I sort of covered that up.

Hot dog juice

No buns was weird. But it was good because there was no possibility of dunking. Dunking is gross and wrong. Krystal knows that. Maybe Nathan's will too.

The results from the hot dog eating contest:
18 Steve Chala
15 me
14 Abbie Rose
14 Nathan Lucero
13.5 Scott
13 Tim Aker
10 Mayor
10 Paul Skower
7 Jerry
7 Brian Mastiler
5.5 Jennifer Lees

There are two videos:
Contest rules being explained
Entire contest

The hot dog juice stains did not come out in the wash.


Anonymous Mega Munch said...

I love that you're doing so many local contests. It's awesome. By the way, I have that same exact Life Is Good dog shirt.


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