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Snow, No Snow & Tacos

Here is some stuff from the past couple of days:

First it snowed.

And kept snowing. For two days. We got about 18 inches. Pinecliffe scored big time with about 45 inches. Most places around here got 1 to 4 feet.

But a day later the snow was pretty much gone.

And Taco Bell was giving away a free Blackjack taco.

On the way back from dinner at a just-opened Tres Margaritas, T-bonz and I hit Bells on the way home.

4 Bells. 9 Blackjack tacos. The first Bell offered 3 tacos. Then two-a-piece at the other 3 Taco Bells.

And at the last one they had a BOGO scam for the free tacos so we actually had to pay. 96 cents for 9 tacos. OK.

9 Blackjack tacos. Hard shell. I prefer soft tacos. Who needs the calories and fat from 9 taco shells.

First bite:

Blackjack tacos are not bad. Not good either. I give them: meh. Here's a look:

Lettuce, "meat", two types of cheese (white and yellow), a pepper jack sauce, and that shell.

I ate the first two normally then just ate the insides.

Two of the Bells were pretty pinche with the fillings. The other two Taco Bells were much more generous with the fillings. Much more "meat", lettuce, cheese and sauce. I guess that could be a good thing, or maybe a bad thing.



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