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There's a new burger challenge in Las Vegas. This is from a Las Vegas newsletter:

Do you need your spicy fix? LBS: A Burger Joint is adding the belly-busting “Extreme Burger” to the menu. The $30 burger comes with a twist - if you can finish it within an hour, along with the pound of French fries that accompany it, the meal is free!

The delectable monstrosity includes six half-pound beef patties loaded with American cheese, smoked bacon, Portobello mushroom, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, LBS burger sauce, spicy mustard, herb mayo and ghost peppers on a fresh baked sweet egg bun all served with a pound of fresh hand-cut French fries.

Ghost peppers, also known as naga jolokia peppers, were confirmed by Guinness World Records to be the hottest chili in the world, making this burger one of Las Vegas’ spiciest. The “Extreme Burger” customer will be given the opportunity to finish the 4 lb, scorching hot burger and a pound of fries within one hour to receive the grand prize of having the burger re-named in their honor and be the inaugural member of the Heroes of the Hamburger wall.

“We wanted to put forth this challenge to all of the hamburger enthusiasts in Las Vegas,” said Billy Richardson restaurateur and owner of LBS: A Burger Joint. “The ‘Extreme Burger’ is quite a feat, but we know that Vegas locals have the eating-power to rise up to the challenge.”

For more information on LBS: A Burger Joint, please call 702.835.9393 or visit www.lbsburger.com.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your cholestorol is going to go sky high one of these days which will cause a major heart attack . very lucky your skinny because with all the fat grease and calories you are consuming of late, anyone in worse shape would be dead by now. Dont push your luck it will catch up with you regardless of your 8 percent body fat


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