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Jimmy Mares and I meet up at the new Jack-N-Grill for some burrito eating. We took on the huge breakfast burrito not too long ago at the end of July.

Jimmy had to get permission before eating something. I didn't. I'm 38. If I want to eat, I am going to eat. I can understand how eating organizations may not want "their" eaters participating in non-sanctioned contests, but having to get permission to be allowed to eat something at a restaurant is just stupid. IFOCE not allowing challenges? Stupid. WLOCE not allowing challenges? WLOCE?!? Gimme a break!

To remind you, the burrito is: 15 potatoes, 12 eggs, some diced ham, green chile, cheese, 18" tortilla, smothered in green chile, red chile, and covered with more cheese. Jimmy replaces his ham with BACON. So do I.

His Mom and sister ordered one to share. They had leftovers.

As usual, my starting weight:

Talking before the eating:

This dude ordered a double hamburger topped with a SLAB OF HAM and a HOTDOG:

This is the guy who ordered the hamburger:

Jimmy before starting

And here I am:
My burrito was served on a smaller plate. I wasn't very happy about it because the extra room is needed because the burrito is so temperature hot & steamy. It is nice to be able to open up the tortilla to let out steam.

Powering through it

Jimmy got red & green chile

I got the green chile

He's fast

Really fast

Jimmy finishes in 13:51.



Keep going

Last bites


23:34. Not too bad!

We both crushed our previous bests! My previous best was about 45 minutes. Jimmy's was just over 30 minutes. Main reason: the potatoes in the burrito. At the other location where we have eaten the burrito the potatoes are huge chunks. Here the potatoes are strips kind of like french fries (but not fried). That and the substitution of bacon for ham. The ham before was tiny bits. The bacon was in sizes like it was crumpled. When does bacon not kick ass?

Ending weight. As last time eating the burrito, I had to pee a bunch before the eating began so my starting weight was lower than pictured before.

I mainly went in to this as the next-to-last warmup for a few challenges in Las Vegas. In my prior challenges before this one, my focus was a problem. Not here. There were a few times that I momentarily lost focus on me and the food. But I got it back, was pleased, and it all went pretty well.

I took 3 challenges in my gear up for Vegas. Record in those: 2-1. Let's do this.

Video of the burrito eating at Jack-N-Grill soon.



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