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B3 burrito

B3 burrito

Day #2: after being successful on Las Vegas food challenge #1, the results of challenge #2 - the big badass burrito - were not as good.

I crushed on the 1st pass - under 20 minutes for it. But probably 2.5 pounds of the insides fell out in the 1st pass so I had to clean that.

At about 1 hour, I DQ'd. Under a pound of insides left. Damn.

Much more later. Today: day #3, challenge #3.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will attemt the B3 burrito next month. Its my first eating challenge. Any pre-challenge tips on what and when to eat and not eat? Plus any post chalenge tips are helpfull too.
Thanks Big D

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Anonymous viagra online said...

So you eat the biggest burrito! seems that you are a true champion!


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