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Getting Ready

Above is a photo of the two large cheesesteaks from Taste of Philly that I ate in preparation for an eating challenge I'll be doing in Las Vegas next week.

The challenge in Vegas is at Johnny McGuire's Deli. I'll have 40 minutes to eat a 24-inch sub. I can choose the sub. If I do not finish, I pay TWICE the normal cost, so $50.

At Taste of Philly I ordered two large Hoagie Philly sandwiches. Each one is 12". And 2 X 12" equals 24". The sandwiches were packed with chopped steak, onions, lettuce, and tomato. Melted provlone cheese. And that awesome Amoroso bread.

I wasn't going all out, but at a good clip. The timer was 4:15 after the 1st one cleared, 9:45 after the 2nd sandwich, and 10:30 after I cleaned up the droppings on the plate. Not too shabby!

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Blogger Eating The Road said...

Wait...you have to pay penalty if you loose? I've never heard of a challenge with that. I've heard of them not reimbursing costs....but making you pay if you loose? That seems weird....what's to say someone wouldn't just leave afterward?

Blogger A-Bomb said...

Yeah that was my first reaction too. But then I thought "this is Vegas". And it is unique.

Anonymous T-bonz said...

That's some photo. You shouldn't have told us what those are on the scale. They kind of look obscene. Could have been a fun guessing game.


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