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Weight a Minute!

I'll get the photos and stuff posted from my assault on 3 food challenges in 3 days in Las Vegas but I have to start with this: the morning we left Denver, I weighed in at 149.0 pounds. Then in Las Vegas I ate at least:

24" sub sandwich at Johnny McGuire's. Turkey, BBQ sauce, tomatoes, lettuce, cheddar cheese. Hold the mayo, please.

6 pound burrito at the Nascar Cafe in the Sahara. Shredded beef, refried beans, lettuce, cheese sauce, sour cream, guacamole.

11 1/2-pound patty cheeseburger at LBS. Each patty topped with bacon, cheese, and ghost peppers. Couple cups of whole milk after. Oh yeah, and 3 pounds of fries.

Box of stuff at Raising Cane's. 4 chicken fingers, fries, texas toast.

Much too much at the Bellagio brunch buffet.

How can my weigh-in this morning be 147.2 pounds?!?


Blogger Tom said...

You must have spent a long time on the toilet!? lol

Blogger A-Bomb said...

No, that's the thing... I haven't! I've had some, but what's come out is not even close to what went in!


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