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Think Back...

Eaters who have been in the IFOCE for a few years will remember the absolute best emcee ever - Michael Castellano. At a grilled cheese contest in NM in 2005 he used a really funny line toward me, I'll never forget it:

"he had a 28 inch waist before, now he has a 34 inch waist."

He used that line at each contest he emceed with me in it. CLASSIC! Other IFOCE emcees tried it, but their timing was way off - they would say it before the eating even began. Mike was always super nice to me, and I was so sad to see him go.

But he reached out to me lately, and he is doing well. Michael and some friends open a restaurant in Key West: Blackfin Bistro. Check it out, and if you're ever in Key West, get thee there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew, You are right about Michael. He was one of the best. I do miss him.

Russ K


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