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What I Ate in 2009

2009 was the first complete year that I was not a member of the IFOCE (International Federation of Competitive Eating). In 2008 I was only in 2 IFOCE contests while doing many local events - so it is somewhat of a stretch to say I cared about being in the IFOCE - but I got to compete along side of Kobayashi in late 2008 so it's all good. But even though I'm not in the IFOCE anymore my eating did not suffer one bit. In fact, I was in more events than ever before and my overall records in eating contests and eating challenges are better than at the end of 2008.

Here is a list of eating contests and challenges in which I competed in 2009.

1/3 - Round 1 of KBPI Wing Bowl qualifiers, 1st
1/3 - Round 2 of KBPI Wing Bowl qualifiers, 1st
1/10 - Round 3 of KBPI Wing Bowl qualifiers, 4th
1/17 - Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin' Challenge, SUCCESS
1/24 - Semi-finals of KPBI Wing Bowl
2/20 - Steak challenge at DB, FAIL
3/8 - Round 1 of Rocky Mountain Oysters contest, 2nd
3/8 - Finals of Rocky Mountain Oysters contest, 2nd
3/29 - Digger's #1, FAIL
4/17 - 6 lb burrito in Pueblo, SUCCESS
4/23 - Rock the Tot contest, 2nd
5/3 - Digger's #2, FAIL
6/6 - Brighton Hot Dogs (foot long)
6/14 - Pizza challenge #1, FAIL
6/28 - Pizza challenge #2, FAIL
7/3 - Media hot dog eating challenge Steve's kickoff
7/4 - Hot dog eating contest, 2nd
7/4 - Shoppe Cupcake eating contest, 3rd
7/11 - Qualifier for 2nd Annual Chow Down for Charity
7/23 - 7 lb burrito challenge at Jack-n-Grill, SUCCESS
7/26 - Finals for 2nd Annual Chow Down for Charity, 4th
8/1 - 5 lb burger challenge at Cactus Jack's, SUCCESS
8/5 - Pizza challenge at Beau Jo's, FAIL
8/8 - Rocky Mountain Oyster eating contest, 1st
8/15 - Pizza challenge #3, FAIL
8/23 - 15-egg omelet challenge at the Carriage House in Springfield, MO
8/30 - 1st time eating a smashburger. Go there.
9/7 - Hot dog eating contest at the Taste of Colorado, 1st
9/12 - I defended my title at a Hot dog eating contest in Ft Lupton, 1st
9/12 - Hands-free pie eating contest in Ft Lupton, 2nd. This was right after the hot dog eating contest.
9/19 - Hot dog eating contest (bunless) in Frederick, 2nd
9/29 - Jalapeno eating contest in Pueblo, 2nd. WOW!
10/8 - Hands-free pie eating contest in Denver, 2nd
10/14 - Wing King Challenge at the West End Tavern in Boulder
11/7 - Not a contest, but I ate 12455mg of sodium at Red Lobster
11/10 - 4 lb burrito challenge at The Rock, SUCCESS
11/21 - customized Bust It Big challenge in Evergreen, FAIL
11/28 - 7 lb breakfast burrito challenge at Jack-n-Grill, SUCCESS
12/4 - prepping for Vegas, I ate 2 BIG cheesesteaks in 10:30
12/9 - 24" Club challenge at Johnny McGuire's in Las Vegas, SUCCESS
12/10 - Big Badass Burrito challenge at the Sahara in Las Vegas, FAIL
12/11 - The Undertaker Challenge at LBS in Las Vegas, FAIL

That's 42 events. I do not know what 2010 holds as far as eating contests or eating challenges, but I do know this:

I have a re-match with the Big Badass Burrito in March. This time it's personal.


I really want to defend my Ft Lupton hot dog title to win it 3 years in a row.


I want to win the jalapeno eating contest in Pueblo. It'll be tough for a gringo to win.


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